Potentiometer - Peavey, Audio, Spider

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Potentiometer - Peavey, Audio, Spider

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Peavey Audio Potentiometer, Spider-Style PC Mount Terminals

  • Body Diameter: 16mm
  • Bushing Diameter: 7mm
  • Bushing Length: 5mm
  • Shaft Diameter:4.5mm
  • Shaft Length:10mm
  • Shaft Material: Aluminum – Knurled Split Shaft

Mounting hardware not included.

Item ID:
Termination Style:
Part Numbers
ResistanceOur Part NumberUPC/EAN
10 kΩR-VPV-10KA609722159548
100 kΩR-VPV-100KA609722159500
250 kΩR-VPV-250KA609722159630
1 MΩR-VPV-1MA-SPD841358106859
Product Measurements
Body Depth0.34 in.
Body Diameter1 MΩ version0.67 in.
10 kΩ version0.66 in.
100 kΩ version0.66 in.
250 kΩ version0.66 in.
Body Width1 MΩ version0.671 in.
10 kΩ version0.67 in.
100 kΩ version0.67 in.
250 kΩ version0.67 in.
Bushing Length0.21 in.
Metric Thread Major Diameter7 mm
Metric Thread Pitch0.75 mm
Shaft Diameter1 MΩ version0.182 in.
10 kΩ version0.185 in.
100 kΩ version0.185 in.
250 kΩ version0.185 in.
Shaft Length1 MΩ version0.37 in.
10 kΩ version0.36 in.
100 kΩ version0.36 in.
250 kΩ version0.36 in.
Shaft Rotation300°
U.S. Thread Major Diameter0.375 in.
U.S. Thread Pitch75 tpi.
Packaging Information
Packaging Dimensions1 MΩ version1.7 in. × 1.024 in. × 0.671 in.
10 kΩ version1.8 in. × 1.1 in. × 0.6 in.
100 kΩ version1.8 in. × 1.1 in. × 0.6 in.
250 kΩ version1.8 in. × 1.1 in. × 0.6 in.
Weight (Packaging)1 MΩ version0.016 lbs.
10 kΩ version0.018 lbs.
100 kΩ version0.018 lbs.
250 kΩ version0.018 lbs.

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