Pickup - Kent Armstrong, Custom Series, Stealth 90, P-90

Kent Armstrong
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Pickup - Kent Armstrong, Custom Series, Stealth 90, P-90

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Single P-90 pickup with a nickel-plated metal cover.

This new revolutionary design gives the sweet, warm chime and tone of the original P-90 pickup without all that annoying 60 cycle hum. Read the forums on this HP-90 pickup and don't let the high resistance fool you. Making its debut at the 2012 summer NAMM show, this design uses the hum-cancelling properties of opposing coils but defies the normal high output that would accompany similar resistance designs. Available in both bridge and neck positions so you can create a proper calibrated set and in black and cream plastic as well as real metal covers in black, chrome, gold and nickel plating! If you love P-90s and want to forget about not being able to use your favorite guitar because of lighting and power issues you simply have to get into a set of new Stealth 90 pickups.

Recommended wiring includes using a 500K Ohm pot for volume, 250K Ohm pot for tone and a .022 capacitor as these are humbucking pickup designs. The 250K pot for tone will give a smoother, less abrupt tone sweep versus a 500K.

Item ID:
Kent Armstrong
Pickup Type:
RoHS Compliant
Part Numbers
PositionOur Part NumberUPC/EAN
Product Measurements by Type
Inductance4.92 H
Item HeightBridge versionP-PUK80.671 in.
Neck versionP-PUK120.66 in.
Item LengthBridge versionP-PUK83.36 in.
Neck versionP-PUK123.361 in.
Item WidthBridge versionP-PUK81.35 in.
Neck versionP-PUK121.357 in.
Magnet TypeCeramic
ResistanceBridge versionP-PUK819.6 kΩ
Neck versionP-PUK1217.2 kΩ
Packaging Information
Packaging Dimensions4.787 in. × 2.535 in. × 2.069 in.
Weight (Packaging)0.488 lbs.
Product Measurements by Item
P-PUK8 - Bridge versionInductance4.92 H
Item Height0.671 in.
Item Length3.36 in.
Item Width1.35 in.
Magnet TypeCeramic
Resistance19.6 kΩ
P-PUK12 - Neck versionInductance4.92 H
Item Height0.66 in.
Item Length3.361 in.
Item Width1.357 in.
Magnet TypeCeramic
Resistance17.2 kΩ

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Asked by Tg on March 31st, 2022.
March 31st, 2022
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They both appear to have the same string spacing of 1.96".

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