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P-Q1N400X Diode - General purpose rectifier, 1A, 1N400X
A semiconductor device which passes current in the forward direction (from anode to cathode), and blocks current in the opposite direction.
Starting at $0.30
P-PC-ZM-1 PCB - Vintage Style Circuit Board, Zonk Machine, Phenolic Board w/ mount
Zonk Machine style circuit board made with a phenolic substrate for an even closer match to the vintage production boards. Phenolic boards are found in many vintage electronics before the use of fiberglass became common. This board is a recreation of the circuit board found in the Zonk Machine pedal. The board is styled after the early version that featured a printed circuit rather than a stripboard construction. When drawing the layout, original boards were closely referenced to ensure a proper match and fit. The copper traces have a surface treatment providing protection from corrosion. This board includes a blank mounting PCB. This PCB sits directly beneath the main board to mount it directly to the enclosure using screws. For a detailed drawing of the parts and connections originally used on this board, please see the layout drawing linked below.
P-K226 Knob - Davies, 2150, Daka-ware, Vintage Pointer
High-quality USA made knobs from Davies Molding. This vintage-style 2150 pointer knob is made of solid phenolic and features an infilled indicator line. The detailed design has a mixture of ridges, curves and lines giving it a distinctively vintage appearance. The 2150 can be found on vintage equipment such as the Echoplex tape delay and test equipment from RCA and National Radio Company.
  • Height: 0.56 in.
  • Length: 1.25 in.
  • Fits ¼" shaft with set screw
S-T-TIP-CLEANER Tip Cleaner - Wire Type for Soldering Irons
Coiled metal wire type tip cleaner for use with soldering irons. The metal wire cleaner requires no water which reduces temperature drops in the tip compared to using a sponge. The black metal holder is dome shaped to reduce airborne solder droplets when cleaning. The holder has a detachable top and bottom to easily empty when necessary.
S-TNN7776 Needle Nose Pliers - Xcelite, 6", long
Extra long nose, Serrated jaws, Green cushion grips Product Features:
  • Long needle nose pliers
  • Extra long nose
  • Features serrated jaws
  • Features green cushion grips
P-QBC149C Transistor - BC149C, Silicon, Lockfit case, NPN
BC149C NPN transistor in a rare Mullard Lockfit package. The BC149C is the equivalent of a BC109C but in the Lockfit package rather than a TO-18. The BC149C was used in a variety of audio and radio equipment and works well for fuzz and other effects. It can be found in the Brian May treble boost and the Electrolabs Fuzz.
P-KDIAL-X Dial Plate - 0 to 100, Black on Brushed Metal
Dial plates with 0-100 indicator marks. These plates are a simple way to add panel graphics to controls. They are easy to install beneath the nut of a potentiometer like a washer. The silk screened graphics on the brushed metal plate gives projects a clean and professional appearance. 40mm Dial Plate
  • 40 mm (1.575”) outer diameter
  • 9.95 mm (0.392”) inner diameter
  • Best for 25.4mm (1”) or smaller knobs

60mm Dial Plate
  • 60mm (2.362”) outer diameter
  • 9.95mm (0.392”) inner diameter
  • Best for 40.6 mm (1.59”) or smaller knobs
R-VAV-BX-DUAL Potentiometer - Alpha, Linear, 9mm, Vertical, Dual Gang
Linear taper, vertical mount, dual gang Alpha pots with a 6.35mm shaft diameter. Dual gang pots are useful for stereo controls and other circuits requiring two separate pots moving in tandem. These 9mm pots are popular in DIY guitar pedals, synthesizers, and other projects. Mounting nut and washer included. See R-VAV-A100K-DUAL for an audio taper version.
P-ECB-9V1A Battery Box - Gotoh, BB-04, Single, 9 volt
Single 9 volt battery box. See P-ECB-9V1B for single battery box with removable adapter. See P-ECB-9V2 for double battery box.
P-PC-BEND-MKII-X PCB - Vintage Style Circuit Board, MKII Fuzz
Colors Available:
This board is a recreation of the circuit board found in Tone Bender Professional MKII pedals. When drawing the layout, an original board was closely referenced to ensure a proper match and fit. Since the MKII boards were cut from stripboard, this board follows the same format but is completely ready for soldering with precut traces and drilled mounting holes. The build style is very straightforward on the Mk2. It is a standard stripboard build and follows a very linear circuit path across the board. The traces are gold plated making soldering easier than most stripboards. Additionally the plating provides protection from corrosion. For a detailed drawing of the parts and connections originally used on this board, please see the layout drawing linked below. There are numerous great parts choices available for this PCB.
P-H1590XXCE Chassis Box - 1590XX, Diecast, 5.72" x 4.77" x 1.55"
5.72″ x 4.77″ x 1.55″ (145mm x 121mm x 39mm) diecast aluminum enclosure. Equivalent to the Hammond P-H1590XX enclosure. This large enclosure is great for bigger projects.
P-RBTSE-99FX DSP Module - Accutronics, 99 Effects (Reverb, Chorus, Delay, +)
The BTSE-99FX Effect board provides 99 different digital audio effects to be used in many audio applications that require sound enhancement. Equipped with a superb quality digital effects processing engine which adds that extra punch needed to make sounds truly stand out. Applications:
  • Guitar/ Keyboard/Bass amplifiers and combos
  • Audio mixing consoles / Powered mixing consoles
  • Stand -alone stereo effect units for studio and PA usage
  • Effects pedals
P-H16-150 Bumper - Morley, tapered rubber feet, self adhesive
Small tapered rubber feet with self-adhesive backing (package of 20). Can be used to provide grip and slight elevation (about 0.14") when secured to most project enclosures. Great for effects pedals and rack mount units when removed from the rack.
package of 20
S-TSTJR-1 Container - Jar, Clear Round Mouth, White Cap, 2 oz
2 oz clear jar with a white cap. Instant identification for your parts, liquids or dry goods. Super wide mouth for easy filling.
  • Durable polystyrene jars.
  • FDA compliant.
  • Caps included.
P-K770-X Knob - Rogan, RB-67 Series, Small
Colors Available:
High-quality USA made knobs from Rogan Corp. These small knobs feature a metal insert and a spun aluminum inlay with a black indicator line. The RB-67 Series from Rogan is popularly used on Buchla 200 Series modular synthesizers and can be found on many contemporary eurorack synthesizers.
  • Height: 0.48 in.
  • Diameter: 0.51 in.
  • Fits ¼" shaft with set screws

A variety of sizes and colors are available from the RB-67 Series. See the links below for the full selection of knobs from this series. P-K770-X Small P-K770S-X Small Skirted P-K771S-X Medium Skirted P-K772S-B Large Skirted
P-STIC-X IC Socket - Dual in-line package, 2.54mm Pitch, 7.62mm Spacing
IC component sockets for dual in-line package chips (DIP, PDIP, DIL, DIPP.) These sockets feature ladder style cases with tinned stamped and formed connections.
Starting at $0.35
S-H507-A ¼" Jack - Stereo, PC Mount, for Fender® Amps '88 - '99
Fender® Style replacement ¼" stereo input jack that has 9 PCB mount terminals.
P-Q2N5457 Transistor - 2N5457, JFET, N-Channel, TO-92
2N5457 N-Channel JFET in a TO-92 package. The 2N5457 is designed primarily for audio and switching applications.
  • Max drain to gate voltage = 25 V
  • Max gate to source voltage = -25 V
  • Max forward gate current = 10 mA
C-PFD047-50-R Capacitor - 50V, 0.047µF, Used In Pedal Kits
Polyester Film Capacitor used in MOD® Pedal Kits. Rated at 0.047µF 50V. Tolerance: 10%. Operating temperature: -40 C to +85 C
P-Q2N408 Transistor - 2N408, Germanium, TO-1 case, PNP
2N408 PNP germanium transistors. The 2N408 is a popular PNP for fuzz pedals and other effects. The 2N408 was popularly used in the germanium version of the Fuzzrite by Mosrite along with the 2N2613.
P-Q2N1307 Transistor - 2N1307, Germanium, TO-5 case, PNP
2N1307 PNP germanium transistors. The 2N1307 is a popular PNP for fuzz pedals and other effects. This transistor is in a TO-5 package with long leads commonly found on germanium transistors.
W-RN-912-PC-X ¼" Jack - Rean, horizontal, switched, PC mount
Horizontal 1/4" jack, all contacts switched, chrome ferrule nut
Starting at $1.20
P-K300X Knob - Chicken Head, set screw, brass inset
Colors Available:
  • Fits ¼" Solid Shafts (Set Screw)
  • Chicken head knobs are used everywhere on countless amps, stomp-boxes, etc.
  • Brass Set Screw and Insert
  • High Quality Plastic
Starting at $1.30
P-HFZ-2 Chassis - Mod® Electronics, MK1 Fuzz, Pre-drilled, Folded 16 ga. Steel
Pre-drilled vintage style pedal enclosure by Mod® Electronics. The shape of this folded steel enclosure is inspired by the original MK1 Tone Bender enclosures and is pre-drilled to match the original layout of the MK1 pedal. The layout is intended for two pots, two jacks, and a footswitch so many fuzz varieties can be built in this enclosure. The MK1 fuzz enclosure features a removable bottom door for easy access to the battery. All required screws and rubber feet are included.
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