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R-VAV-A100K-11DET Potentiometer - Alpha, Audio, 9mm, Vertical, 11 Detents, 100K
Audio taper, vertical mount, Alpha pots with a 6.35mm shaft diameter featuring 11 detents across the rotation. The 11 detent versions are useful for builds where 1-10 settings are commonly used or if the pot is used as a rotary switch along with a microcontroller. These 9mm pots are popular in DIY guitar pedals, synthesizers, and other projects. Mounting nut and washer included. See R-VAV-BX-11DET for linear taper versions.
R-VAMA-SS Potentiometer - Alpha, Audio, Solid Shaft, 16mm
16mm solid shaft audio potentiometers. These pots are great for any project. The smaller size is useful for builds with limited panel space such as guitar pedals, synthesizer modules, and adding modifications to equipment. Washer and nut included.
  • Threading: M7 x 0.75
  • Distance between terminals: 5 mm (0.197”)
  • Bushing Length: 6.5mm (0.256")
  • Shaft Diameter: 6.35mm ( 0.250")
  • Taper: Audio (Log)
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P-H1456W-3A-BGE Chassis Box - Hammond, 1456, 30° Aluminum/Wood, 4" x 5.5" x 3"
30° sloped aluminum consoles from Hammond’s 1456 Series with wood sides. These enclosures are a great choice for desktop effects and synthesizers as well as vintage style stompboxes. Features:
  • 4" x 5.5" x 3" (1” height at front)
  • Top panels are 0.064” thick aluminum
  • Powder coated top and bottom
  • Wood sides are real walnut - each piece has a unique color & grain.
  • Solid oiled walnut sides on a black, ventilated steel base.
  • Comes with self adhesive rubber feet and required mounting hardware.
P-H1590BSCE Chassis Box - 1590BS, Diecast, 4.40" x 2.38" x 1.65"
4.40" x 2.38" x 1.65" (112mm x 61m x 42mm) diecast aluminum enclosure. Equivalent to the Hammond 1590BS enclosure. This enclosure is a taller version of the 1590B allowing for top mounted jack and more overall area for larger projects.
S-H960-X Bezel - Cliff, for S4 Jack Socket
Colors Available:
Genuine Cliff™ replacement bezel for S4 Series jacks. These can be used with any of our Cliff™ jacks using the metal ferrule style nut. Sold individually.
P-H1590N1CE-X Chassis Box - 1590N1 / 125B, Diecast, 4.77" x 2.58" x 1.41"
Colors Available:
Equivalent to Hammond P-H1590N1. Depending on the manufacturer, this enclosure is usually very similar to a 125B.
Measures 4.77" x 2.58" x 1.41". Add 0.16" to enclosure depth for lid.
Starting at $7.25
S-TSTJR-1 Container - Jar, Clear Round Mouth, White Cap, 2 oz
2 oz clear jar with a white cap. Instant identification for your parts, liquids or dry goods. Super wide mouth for easy filling.
  • Durable polystyrene jars.
  • FDA compliant.
  • Caps included.
P-K283PS-W Knob - Rogan, PT Series, 3PS, Large, Skirted, Pointer, D-Shaft
High-quality USA made knobs from Rogan Corp. These large, skirted pointer knobs from Rogan’s PT Series feature a soft rubber grip molded over a solid polymer knob. PT Series knobs can be found on synthesizer modules from Make Noise, Mutable Instruments and others. Fits 6mm D-shafts.
  • Height: 0.71 in
  • Diameter: 0.73 in
  • Fits 6mm D Shafts
  • Indicator on round side of D-shaft

A variety of different sizes are available from the PT Series.
R-G Resistors - ⅛ Watt, Metal Film, 1% tolerance
Metal Film resistors consist of a resistive element of an extremely thin layer of metal alloy vacuum deposited on a substrate. Precise and quiet. These 1/8W resistors have a very small body and are great for tight builds.
package of 5
S-H506 ¼" Jack - Fender®, PC Mount, Mono
Original 4-pin Fender jack. Fits Fender amplifiers from 1988 - 1999. PC mount.
  • Direct replacement four-pin mono amplifier jack
  • Includes lock nut and washer
  • Fits Princeton® Chorus, Pro 185, BXR series, Stage™ 112SE, Ultimate Chorus™, Roc Pro™ Series, Performer series, Bronco™, '94 Twin®, Princeton 112+, Deluxe 112+, Automatic™ GT and Blues Junior™ amplifiers
P-Q2N5457 Transistor - 2N5457, JFET, N-Channel, TO-92
2N5457 N-Channel JFET in a TO-92 package. The 2N5457 is designed primarily for audio and switching applications.
  • Max drain to gate voltage = 25 V
  • Max gate to source voltage = -25 V
  • Max forward gate current = 10 mA
R-VAM5KC-SS-PCL2 Potentiometer - Alpha, Reverse Audio, Solid Shaft, Long PC, 16mm, 5kΩ
5kΩ reverse audio taper Alpha 16mm pots with a solid shaft and long PCB mount terminals. The smaller size is useful for builds with limited panel space such as guitar pedals, synthesizer modules, and adding modifications to equipment. Washer and nut included.
  • Threading: M7 x 0.75
  • Distance between terminals: 5 mm (0.197”)
  • Lead Depth from Panel: 20.7 mm + 4 mm (0.815” + 0.158”)
  • Lead Distance from shaft center: 14.3 mm (0.563”)
  • Lead Thickness: 0.5 mm (0.020”)
  • Shaft Diameter: 6.35 mm (0.25”)
P-H501-LP Footswitch - 3PDT, black body, Solder Lugs, Low Profile
Low profile switches with a smaller footprint than the standard 3PDT sizes. These footswitches are perfect for cramped layouts but are also great for general use. The small solder lugs are great for wiring by hand that also work well with PCB layouts. Mounting hardware included. Features
  • Latching Footswitch
  • 3PDT
  • Low Profile
  • Small Solder Lugs
  • Hardware Included
W-RN-901-PC-G ¼" Jack - Rean, Mono, Horizontal, Switched, PC, Gold
2 pole horizontal 1/4" jack, all contacts switched, gold plated contacts, chrome ferrule nut
P-H551 Switch - Carling, Footswitch, SPST, Off-(On), Screw Terminals
Carling, SPST footswitch, Off-(On), momentary, normally open with screw terminals. Note: Off-(On) switches may sometimes be referred to as Off-None-(On).
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P-HFZ-2 Chassis - Mod® Electronics, MK1 Fuzz, Pre-drilled, Folded 16 ga. Steel
Pre-drilled vintage style pedal enclosure by Mod® Electronics. The shape of this folded steel enclosure is inspired by the original MK1 Tone Bender enclosures and is pre-drilled to match the original layout of the MK1 pedal. The layout is intended for two pots, two jacks, and a footswitch so many fuzz varieties can be built in this enclosure. The MK1 fuzz enclosure features a removable bottom door for easy access to the battery. All required screws and rubber feet are included.
P-Q2N2907 Transistor - 2N2907, Silicon, TO-18 case, PNP
The 2N2907 is a silicon planar epitaxial PNP transistor in a TO-18 metal case type. The 2N2907 is designed for use in high speed saturated switching and general purpose applications.
S-W3222TC-X-50 Wire - Weico, 22AWG Stranded, Top Coat Pre-Tinned, 600V, 50 feet
Colors Available:
High quality 22AWG wire from Weico featuring a topcoat of solder over the strands. This wire is pre-tinned in the sense that a coating of solder is already applied, bonding the individual strands together so no additional tinning is required.
S-HEYE-A Eyelets - Brass, .121 x .125 x .200; MT .0095, package of 10
Eyelets, bag of 10 (mounts in 1/8" hole).
package of 10
P-QJ201-SLX Transistor - J201, Siliconix, JFET, N-Channel, TO-92
J201 N-Channel JFET in a TO-92 package made by Siliconix. The J201 is designed primarily for low level audio and general purpose applications with high impedance signal sources.
  • Max drain to gate voltage = 40 V
  • Max gate to source voltage = -40 V
  • Max forward gate current = 50 mA
R-VAV-W20K Potentiometer - Alpha, W-Taper, 9mm, Vertical, 20kΩ
W taper, vertical mount, 20kΩ Alpha pots with a 6.35mm shaft diameter. These 9mm pots are popular in DIY guitar pedals, synthesizers, and other projects. Mounting nut and washer included.
P-Q2N5087 Transistor - 2N5087, Bipolar, General Purpose, PNP
2N5087 PNP Bipolar Junction Transistor in TO-92 package. For the NPN 2N5087 see P-Q2N5088
S-W8XL Wire - 20 AWG Solid Core, Lacquered Cloth Cover, 600V
Colors Available:
#20 solid copper wire with modern insulation and lacquered cotton braid finish. 105°C temperature rating, 600V. For a stranded version, see: S-W7XL
Starting at $4.50
P-L320-X LED Lens - Flat Cylindrical, Fresnel, Polycarbonate, 3mm
Colors Available:
Panel mount LED lenses made of high quality polycarbonate. These flat cylindrical lenses provide a unique retro appearance with a small panel footprint and work well in any project using LED indicators. Features:
  • 0.171” mounting hole
  • For panel thicknesses of 0.031” to 0.094″
  • Fresnel lens
  • Flat cylindrical shape
  • Fits standard 3mm LEDs
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