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P-H1590TRPB-HMT-BLU Chassis Box - Hammond, 1590TRPB, Short Trapezoid, 4.41 x 3.11 x 1.54", Hammered Blue
Limited Run!
Short trapezoid shaped Hammond enclosure in a hammered blue powdercoat. This style is reminiscent of vintage fuzz pedals. Screws included. Key Features:
  • Hammered blue powdercoat
  • Rugged, diecast aluminum alloy (tough - yet easy to machine), electronic instrument enclosure.
  • Lap joint construction provides protection against access of dust and splashing water. Also provides for improved EMI/RFI shielding.
  • Four 6-32 x 1/2” machine screws secure lid - into factory tapped holes.
  • Designed to meet IP54.
  • Low side wall draft angle (2 degrees or less) for easy P.C.
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P-K808-X Knob - Plastic, Knurled Shaft, 808 Style
Black textured plastic knobs with orange infilled indicator lines similar to the original knobs found on Roland TR-808 drum machines.These knobs feature a straight knurled grip. The large and medium sizes both have a skirt with a notched indicator. All sizes fit 6mm T18 knurled pot shafts.
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P-H1590BCE-HMT-BLU Chassis Box - 1590B, Diecast, 4.40" x 2.38" x 1.06", Hammered Blue
Limited Run!
1590B diecast enclosure finished in a hammered blue powdercoat. 4.40" x 2.38" x 1.06" deep body. 1.22" with lid. Equivalent to Hammond P-H1590B.
  • 4.40" x 2.38" x 1.06"
  • Hammered blue powdercoat
  • Die-Cast Aluminum
  • Includes Box, Lid, And Screws
  • Similar to Hammond P-H1590B
  • Add 0.16" to enclosure depth for lid.

Part of a limited run of hammered blue enclosures which includes: Enclosure SKU 1590B P-H1590BCE-HMT-BLU 1590N1 / 125B P-H1590N1CE-HMT-BLU C65 (Gorva) P-H1590N1-GORVA-HMT-BLU S90 (Gorva) P-H1590BB-GORVA-HMT-BLU YY P-H-YY-HMT-BLU 1590TRPD Trapezoid P-H1590TRPB-HMT-BLU
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P-H1590N1-GORVA-HMT-BLU Chassis Box - GØRVA Design, C65, Diecast, 4.72” x 2.56” x 1.54”, Hammered Blue
Limited Run!
The Gorva C65 is a high quality powder-coated take on the Hammond 125B size enclosure with a focus on function and design. Features:
  • Hammerted Blue powdercoat
  • Slightly beveled top and rounded corners for high quality look.
  • Tight fit and small gap between the enclosure and lid.
  • Undercut boss allows more internal room for more flexible layout.
  • Smooth, eggshell-like matte powder coating.
  • Recessed bottom lid

Part of a limited run of hammered blue enclosures which includes: Enclosure SKU 1590B P-H1590BCE-HMT-BLU 1590N1 / 125B P-H1590N1CE-HMT-BLU C65 (Gorva) P-H1590N1-GORVA-HMT-BLU S90 (Gorva) P-H1590BB-GORVA-HMT-BLU YY P-H-YY-HMT-BLU 1590TRPD Trapezoid P-H1590TRPB-HMT-BLU
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P-H-YY-HMT-BLU Chassis Box - YY, Diecast, Slanted, 4.65" x 3.70" x 1.66", Hammered Blue
Limited Run!
YY enclosure finished in a hammered blue powdercoat. The slanted YY enclosures are perfect for fuzz pedals and other vintage style effects. In addition to the classic slant, this enclosure features thick diecast walls and a recessed bottom cover. The four bottom plate cover screws are included. Features
  • Vintage style slant
  • Hammered blue powdercoat
  • Flat top-section for mounting controls
  • Recessed lid
  • Thick diecast construction

Part of a limited run of hammered blue enclosures which includes: Enclosure SKU 1590B P-H1590BCE-HMT-BLU 1590N1 / 125B P-H1590N1CE-HMT-BLU 1590N1 (Gorva) P-H1590N1-GORVA-HMT-BLU 1590BB (Gorva) P-H1590BB-GORVA-HMT-BLU YY P-H-YY-HMT-BLU 1590TRPD Trapezoid P-H1590TRPB-HMT-BLU
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P-H965-RA Cable - Switchcraft, Instrument, Molded, Straight to Right Angle, 10’
Vintage style Switchcraft instrument cables that match the original case candy cables sold with 1960s Fender® and Gibson guitars. These use high quality cable with a braided shielding over the 22AWG single conductor with a durable gray PVC outer jacket. The ends feature the classic molded connectors found on the vintage cables. Features
  • Classic Switchcraft Molded ¼” (6.35mm) Connectors
  • Straight to Right Angle
  • Braided Shielding
  • 22AWG Conductor
  • Durable PVC Outer Jacket
  • Vintage Style
P-HWAH Enclosure - Wah Pedal Shell and Hardware
Wah pedal enclosure, bottom, and foot-pedal shell and hardware. Enclosure shell & foot pedal are cast aluminum.
P-QMPSA18 Transistor - MPSA18, Low Noise, 200mA 45V NPN
NPN low noise transistor (TO-92 package) - designed for high gain, low noise general purpose amplifier applications.
  • Max collector to emitter voltage = 45 V
  • Max collector to base voltage = 45 V
  • Max emitter to base voltage = 6.5 V
  • Max collector current = 0.2 A (continuous)
P-H541 Switch - Carling, Mini Toggle, DPDT, 2 Position, Solder Lugs
Carling mini-toggle switch, DPDT, ideal for phase switching, coil-tapping, series/parallel pickup switching in guitars.
  • 0.354" bushing length
  • ¼" mounting hole diameter
  • Double pole/Double throw (DPDT)
  • On-On
P-Q2N3565-NOS Transistor - NOS 2N3565, Micro Electronics, Silicon, TO-106 case, NPN
New old stock 2N3565 transistors manufactured by Micro Electronics. The 2N3565 is a silicon NPN transistor in a TO-106 case. The 2N3565 is primarily intended for general purpose and low level applications. 2N3565 transistors were used in the original Harmonic Percolator, Foxx Tone Machine and the Sam Ash Fuzzz Boxx.
P-Q2N1711 Transistor - 2N1711, Silicon, TO-39 case, NPN
The 2N1711 is a silicon planar epitaxial NPN transistor in a TO-39 metal case. It is intended for use in high performance amplifiers, oscillators and switching circuits. The 2N1711 is a great choice for amplifiers where low noise is an important factor.
P-H1032L Chassis Box - 1032L, Diecast, Looper, 10" x 2.75" x 1.89"
Extra long diecast aluminum chassis commonly used for looper/loop-switching pedals. This enclosure style is often referred to as the 1032L. Mounting screws for the bottom plate are included with this chassis box. Add 0.16" to enclosure depth for lid.
S-H601A-X ¼" Jack - PC Mount, switched, mono
Mono input. PC mount terminals. Metal ferrule. Shorting. Similar to S-H901PC-X.
Starting at $1.45
S-H160-AA-1 Battery Holder - AA, Chassis Mount, Metal Frame, Single
Metal frame AA battery holder. This battery holder fits a single AA battery and is a great option for electronics that run on 1.5V. It features two solder lugs for connecting wires to the positive and negative ends. The battery holder in the original FZ-1A fuzz pedals looks nearly identical to this holder.
R-VAV-AX-K Potentiometer - Alpha, Audio, 9mm, Vertical, Knurled Shaft
Audio taper, vertical mount, Alpha pots with a 6mm T18 knurled shaft. These 9mm pots are popular in DIY guitar pedals, synthesizers, and other projects. Mounting nut and washer included.
P-H1590MS-X Screw - Hammond, Phillips, Countersunk, 6-32 UNC
Colors Available:
Genuine Hammand screws for use with diecast enclosures. These screws fit all Hammond diecast enclosures as well as any 6-32 UNC threaded enclosure. The thread length is 0.375”.
Starting at $1.35
package of 4
S-H9NT-W Nut - Cliff, Hex, for ¼" white Jacks
Hex nut for white Cliff Jacks, threading: 7/16-20. Also used on the footswitch jack in some Marshall amps.
P-L310-X LED Lens - Fresnel, Polycarbonate, 3mm
Colors Available:
Panel mount LED lenses made of high quality polycarbonate. These lenses provide a clean semi-flush appearance with a small panel footprint and work well in any project using LED indicators. Features:
  • 0.171” mounting hole
  • For panel thicknesses of 0.031” to 0.125″
  • Fresnel lens
  • Low Profile
  • Fits standard 3mm LEDs

For a version that fits 5mm LEDs, see P-L710-X.
S-HSW-M12 Washer - Flat, M12, Stainless Steel, Thick
Extra thick M12 flat washers. These washers fit both metric (M12) and imperial (15/32) bushings for compatibility with the vast majority of foot switches and full-sized toggle switches. These thick steel washers are a great way to add a classy look to projects.
package of 10
P-Q-AS3280 OTA - AS3280, Dual, Linearizing Diodes, Alfa, 16-Pin DIP
The AS3280 is Alfa’s version of the CA3280 IC. The AS3280 consists of two variable operational amplifiers that are designed to substantially reduce the initial input offset voltage and the offset voltage variation with respect to changes in programming current. This design results in reduced "AGC thump," an objectionable characteristic of many AGC systems. Careful design of critical places of the circuit reduces the amplifier dependence upon thermal and processing variables.
The AS3280 has all the generic characteristics of an operational voltage amplifier except that the forward transfer characteristics is best described by transconductance rather than voltage gain, and the output is current, not voltage. The magnitude of the output current is equal to the product of transconductance and the input voltage.
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P-PC-BB400 BreadBoard - Solderless, 400 point pattern
Solderless (plug-in) breadboard with 400 connection tie-points (i.e. 400 wire insertion holes) and 4 power rails. Solderless breadboards are great for building and testing new circuits because parts can be easily inserted and removed making them completely re-usable. This breadboard has a 300 tie-point IC-circuit area plus four 25 tie-point power rails. The housing is made of white ABS plastic, with a printed legend giving numbers and letters for columns and rows. The internal contacts are phosphor bronze with a plated nickel finish and a peelable adhesive tape backing is provided for attaching it to a surface. Be sure to check out the Zipwire™ jumper wire kits for use with this breadboard.
P-ECB-25 PC Board - Dunlop, replacement for Crybaby
Original Crybaby replacement circuit board for pedals made after 1990. Original Dunlop replacement part.
P-QOC46 Transistor - OC46, Germanium, SO-2 glass case, PNP
OC46 PNP germanium transistors. The OC46 is a popular PNP for fuzz pedals and boost effects. It can be found in vintage electronics and modern fuzz pedals. This transistor is in a black glass SO-2 package with long leads commonly found on germanium transistors.
P-QLF356 Op-Amp - LF356, Single, High Slew Rate, 8-Pin DIP
LF356 single op amp in an 8-pin DIP package. The LFx5x devices are the first monolithic JFET input operational amplifiers to incorporate well-matched, high-voltage JFETs on the same chip with standard bipolar transistors (BI-FET™ Technology). These amplifiers feature low input bias and offset currents/low offset voltage and offset voltage drift, coupled with offset adjust, which does not degrade drift or common-mode rejection.
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