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P-STIC-X IC Socket - Dual in-line package, 2.54mm Pitch, 7.62mm Spacing
IC component sockets for dual in-line package chips (DIP, PDIP, DIL, DIPP.) These sockets feature ladder style cases with tinned stamped and formed connections.
Starting at $0.35
P-SGP-001 Machine Pin Socket - Press-Fit, PCB Mount, Single Position
Single position machine pin sockets. These pressfit sockets are mounted by inserting into a PCB hole and applying some force. They stay firmly in place with tension and can then be easily soldered to the circuit board. These sockets can fit any pin spacing, such as the non-standard 0.15” spacing of the vintage-style stripboard (vs. 0.10” on standard stripboard). They can also jump rows so that they are not all in a line. The press-fit machine pin sockets are also very low profile and have a very minimal impact on the resulting look of the build. For pins sizes .015 -.025". The recommended mounting hole diameter is 0.057".
package of 12
P-STTR-15 Machine Pin Socket - Preci-Dip, Break Away, 1 Row, 15 Position
High quality single row machine pin sockets made by Preci-Dip. These sockets are the break-away type and can easily snap into smaller sizes such as 5 separate transistor sockets.
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