New Products

S-G414-N Grill Cloth - Jute Weave, Natural, 34" Wide
Sold by the yard
Natural color jute weave style grill cloth. 34" wide. Great replacement for Mesa amps and others. Sold per yard.
On Backorder
P-HWAH Enclosure - Wah Pedal Shell and Hardware
Wah pedal enclosure, bottom, and foot-pedal shell and hardware. Enclosure shell & foot pedal are cast aluminum.
P-QMPSA18 Transistor - MPSA18, Darlington 200mA 45V NPN
NPN Darlington transistor (TO-92 package) - designed for high gain, low noise general purpose amplifier applications.
  • Max collector to emitter voltage = 45 V
  • Max collector to base voltage = 45 V
  • Max emitter to base voltage = 6.5 V
  • Max collector current = 0.2 A (continuous)