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P-G103 Pickguard - P-Bass, 3-Ply, Black / White / Black
Three-ply black/white/black P-Bass style pickguard with 13 mounting holes. This pickguard is routed for a standard P-Bass style pickup and wiring configuration.
P-PG19-SHIELD Pickguard Shield - Fender®, for '62 P-Bass
Original Fender® pickguard hum shield for '62 P-Bass.
P-PG19X Pickguard - Fender®, '62 P-Bass, 4-Ply
Colors Available:
Original Fender® pickguard replacement for 62' P-Bass, 4-ply. Multiple color options available.
Starting at $30.95
P-PG20B Pickguard - Fender®, for J-Bass, Truss Rod Notch
Original Fender® pickguard replacement for J-Bass 3-ply with truss rod notch.
P-PG22GA Pickguard - Fender®, for '50s P-Bass, Gold-Anodized
Original Fender® replacement pickguard. This single-ply gold anodized aluminum pickguard fits American Vintage series '57 Precision Bass models (does not fit five-string models).
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