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P-GB-BRACKET-4X Bracket - Bigsby, Chet Atkins, Stationary
Colors Available:
Genuine Bigsby® Chet Atkins fixed handle bracket for use with Bigsby vibrato units. This bracket sets the handle into a fixed position whereas the P-GB-BRACKET-1X versions offer a pivoting arm. Arm sold separately.
Starting at $49.95
P-GB-BRACKET-3X Bracket - Bigsby, Flat Handle Bracket
Colors Available:
Genuine Bigsby® flat handle bracket for use with Bigsby vibrato units. Includes set screw for mounting to vibrato. Arm and other hardware sold seperately.
Not compatible with Lightning Series vibratos.
For handles see P-GB-HANDLE-1X.
For 9.5" handles see P-GB-HANDLE-8X.
For handle fiber washer see P-GB-WASHER-1.
For handle pivot spring see P-GB-SPRING-3.
For handle nut see P-GB-NUT.
For complete handle assemblies see P-GB-HANDLE-6X.
Starting at $16.95
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