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P-G-TW-AX Thumbwheel - ABR-1 Style, Plated Steel, USA
Colors Available:
U.S. made vintage style ABR-1 thumbwheels. These steel thumbwheels feature high quality plating and are tapped for 6-32 threaded posts.
Starting at $2.11
package of 2
P-G-PST-AX Threaded Post - #6-32 x 1 1/16”, Plated Brass, USA
Colors Available:
U.S. made threaded posts for ABR-1 bridges. The brass posts feature a high quality plating and a #6-32 threading. Each post is 1 1/16” in length. This vintage style of post is meant to mount directly to the body of the guitar.
package of 2
P-G-ABR1-WIRE Retaining Wire - For Wired ABR-1, USA
U.S. made replacement retaining wire for wired ABR-1 bridges. Made of high quality spring steel. Fits our U.S. made bridges as well as Gibson spec bridges.
P-G-PST-NX Bridge Post - For Nashville Bridges, Plated Brass, USA
Colors Available:
U.S. made bridge posts for Nashville style bridges. These bridge posts are made of solid brass and are finished with a high quality plating. Matching anchors are included. Note: These posts have 4.95mm diameters. Check your bridge for compatibility.
Starting at $7.39
package of 2
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