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P-GTBS-CVT Bridge Saddles - Fender®, Compensated Vintage Tele
Set of three compensated brass bridge saddles for use on vintage-style three-saddle Telecaster bridges (does not fit standard six-saddle Telecaster bridges).
Set includes saddles, intonation springs, slotted intonation screws and saddle-height adjustment screws.
  • Set of three compensated brass bridge saddles
  • For vintage-style three-saddle Telecaster bridge assemblies
package of 3
P-GVB-TE-BS Bridge Saddles - Vibramate, Dual Access
Colors Available:

Vibramate V5-TE Slotted Bridge Saddle Set for Telecaster Guitars are designed to work with the Vibramate V5-TE Series Mounting kits and Bigsby vibratos. Each set is custom-slotted utilizing the traditional 3-saddle "ash-tray" configuration and are designed to properly align the strings with the guitar neck of a Telecaster Guitar. The vintage style saddles are made in the USA and feature all Stainless Steel mounting screws and compression springs.

Starting at $37.95
package of 3
P-GGT-113-C Bridge Saddles - Gotoh, S11, for Guitar, Brass, Chrome Finish
The Gotoh S11 is a high quality brass saddle set. This set offers the tonal advantages of brass for use with tremolo units as well as hardtail bridges. All mounting screws, springs, and height adjustment screws are included. For use with compatible bridges featuring a 52.5mm string spacing.
package of 6
P-GGT-63-SB Bridge Saddles - Gotoh, with Adjustable Pivot, brass, set of 3
Same brass saddles used on the WT3 Wilkinson by Gotoh bridge. Also a great upgrade on your stock vintage style bridge. Adjustable pivot for intonation while maintaining a vintage tone. Set of 3 2-string saddle replacements.
package of 3
P-GGT-71-C Bridge Saddles - Gotoh, S21, Steel for guitar, chrome
Steel saddles for electric guitar tremolo bridges and hardtail bridges. 2-3/32'' string spread. Set of 6 replacement steel guitar saddles.
package of 6
P-GTBS-VT Bridge saddle - Fender®, for Telecaster and more
Will fit most USA 3-saddle Telecasters, Vintage Series '52 reissue, Custom Shop and more. Also fits most Mexican Telecasters. Made from the highest quality material. Complete with springs and screws
Set of three Pure Vintage brass Telecaster bridge saddles
Includes intonation springs, slotted intonation screws and saddle height adjustment screws
Used on early ’50s Telecaster and Esquire® guitars
Fits most vintage-style three-saddle Telecaster bridges; will not fit modern six-saddle Telecaster bridges
package of 3
P-GSS-G8000F-SS Bridge Saddles - Graphtech, String Saver Classics, Strat & Tele Style, 2 ~\frac{3}{16}~" String Spacing
Set of six String Saver Classics for a Strat or Tele style guitar with a 2 3/16" string spacing. Features a brushed stainless steel finish. They have a small String Saver insert in the saddle to dramatically reduce string breakage and improve tuning stability. Included with the set is an extra set of slightly longer intonation screws to be used with a Telecaster along with a hex key to adjust the saddle heights. String Saver saddles are made with a unique combination of materials made to enhance tone and dramatically reduce string breakage.
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