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Gotoh began manufacturing stringed instrument parts in 1960 and is the only machine head manufacturer in Japan. Their parts are sold worldwide and are a common choice of musical instrument makers.
P-GGT-28-X Bridge - Gotoh, Hardtail for fixed-bridge Strats
Colors Available:
For non-tremolo fixed bridge Strat® style guitars that have through-body string mounting. Steel saddle. Saddle intonation can be individually adjusted. Mounting screws included. Hardware included.
Starting at $40.00
P-GGT-101-C Bridge - Gotoh, Hardtail, Brass Saddles, Chrome
The Gotoh GTC101 is a fixed bridge for hard tail guitars such as Strat® style guitars with through-body string mounting. The bridge includes plated brass saddles for a warmer tone and features a 52.5mm string spacing. Saddle intonation and height can be individually adjusted with the included hex wrench. Mounting screws included.
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