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Gotoh began manufacturing stringed instrument parts in 1960 and is the only machine head manufacturer in Japan. Their parts are sold worldwide and are a common choice of musical instrument makers.

Relic Series

The Relic Series creates unique textures in each individual part. It is possible for the texture and appearance to further develop and change depending on operating conditions and age.
P-GGT-84 Bridge - Gotoh, Relic GE104B, Aged Nickel
The Gotoh Relic GE104B bridge is a convincingly aged part that is perfect for a vintage or relic'd guitar. Parts from the Gotoh Relic series are uniquely worn for an aged look that offers the functionality of a new part. The various techniques used on these parts provide a relic'd look that appears genuine and not overdone. This bridge features zinc saddles, a 52mm string spacing, a 400mm radius, and 74mm stud spacing. M4 threaded mounting posts and thumb screws are included.
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