LEDs & Optoelectronics

P-L200 LED Bezel - for 3mm LED, used for mounting
Holder for mounting LEDs to panels.
P-L710-X LED Lens - Fresnel, Polycarbonate, 5mm
Colors Available:
Panel mount led lenses made of high quality polycarbonate. These lenses provide a clean semi-flush appearance with a small panel footprint and work well in any project using LED indicators. Features:
  • ¼” mounting hole
  • For panel thicknesses of 1/16” to ⅛”
  • Fresnel lens
  • Low Profile
Starting at $0.59
P-PC-LED-DRV PCB - LED Driver, for Pedals and Synths
This small PCB is a simple way to add an indicator light that pulses to the rate of LFOs and clocks used in pedals, synthesizers, and other equipment. Simply connect the positive supply voltage to V+, ground to GND, and the output of a positive signal (0 to V+) such as an LFO or clock to the IN pad. The trimmer can adjust how the LED reacts to the signal. Fully clockwise it will simply pulse on and off when paired with a strong signal. If the signal is a sine, triangle, or any other non-pulse type signal, adjusting the trimmer counter clockwise can dial in settings that follow the shape of the waveform, brightening and dimming with the changing voltage. For certain dual op-amp LFOs in effect pedals, the signal may not go low enough to turn the LED fully off.
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