P-K339X Knob - Black, Cap, Mini Marshall Style, Set Screw
Cap Colors Available:
Black with cap, shorter profile than P-K340. Measures 0.59" in height. Set screw.
P-K340X Knob - Cliff, K5, Black, Cap, Set Screw, for Marshall
Cap Colors Available:
Black Cliff K5 knob with gold or silver cap. ¼" shaft with set screw. Replacement for Marshall. Measures 0.75" in height.
P-K342-NOI Knob - Black, Cap, Set Screw, Marshall Style, No Indicator
Black Marshall-style knobs with a silver cap. This is the taller 0.766” version of this knob. The silver cap has no indicator line matching those found on vintage fuzz pedals such as the Supa Fuzz, Tone Bender Professional MKII, Shatterbox, and MKIII and MKIV Tone Benders. Fits ¼" shaft pots using a slotted set screw.
  • Height: 0.766 in.
  • Top Diameter:0.594 in.
  • Bottom Diameter:0.766 in.
  • Fits ¼" shaft with set screw
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