P-ECB-071 Knob - Dunlop, Cosmod, Small Plastic MXR, Push-On
Genuine Dunlop / MXR knob for use with T18 knurled pot shafts. This is a smaller version of the classic MXR knob P-ECB-130. This knob is great for use on projects where a stylish knob is needed and space is limited.
P-K910-X Knob - Plastic, Push-On, Micro, Dot Indicator, 0.305" Diameter
Colors Available:
Micro sized plastic control knobs for coarse knurled shafts. These super slim knobs are perfect for cramped panels, adding mods, and sub-controls on units with a variety of knobs. They have an infilled dot indicator. This style of knob can be found on many eurorack modules from Befaco and others. Fits T18 knurled shafts.
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