P-K456 Knob - Phenolic, Set Screw, Retro Pointer
High quality phenolic pointer knob with a vintage design. The retro pointer has a thick band that extends above the base allowing for easy manipulation of the knob making it a great option for rotary controls and switches. This solid phenolic knob has an infilled indicator line with a decorative diamond shaped top. Fits 0.25” (6.35mm) shafts with set screw and brass insert. This knob pairs perfectly with the smaller P-K356 knob.
  • Height: 0.85 in.
  • Length: 1.63 in.
  • Fits ¼" shaft with set screw
P-GKLU-KLP1800X-8 Knob pointer - 90 degree blunt tip, Steel, USA, package of 8
Colors Available:
USA made vintage 90 degree blunt tip pointer washer made from steel. This is a replacement for instruments requiring the vintage correct appearance of the pointer washer under the knobs.
Starting at $7.60
package of 8
P-K328 Knob - Fender, Black 1-10, for Princeton 65 DSP
Original Fender Amplifier Knobs. Rotary "1-10" Numbered Style for push-on D-shaft. Silver cap. Package of 4. 7/8" D x 3/4" H.
Note: The flat is oriented to the space between 1 and 10.
package of 4
P-K358X Knob - Fender®, S-1 Switch Stratocaster
Colors Available:
Sold individually. See P-K368X for knob caps
Starting at $4.95
P-K421 Knob - Peavey, Black, Grey Stripe, Set Screw
Black with grey line, Set screw Peavey part: 70902033
P-ECB-070 Knob - Dunlop, Large Aluminum MXR, Push-On
Genuine Dunlop / MXR large aluminum knob for use with T18 knurled pot shafts. This rugged aluminum knob features a white indicator line and a diamond cut knurl for grip when using it. This high end knob looks great on pedals, amplifiers, and other projects.
P-ECB-141 Knob Cover - Dunlop, MXR, small rubber
Genuine Dunlop replacement knob cover for smaller control knobs found on many MXR pedals. This knob cover is also compatible with our P-K344 control knob.
P-K347-61 Knob - Phenolic, Set Screw, Fairchild Style, Extra Large Pointer, 61mm
Extra large phenolic pointer knobs with a set screw and brass insert. These distinctive pointers are close matches for the classic knobs used on Fairchild compressors like the 660 / 670. Each pointer features a V-shaped painted inlay indicator. Fits ¼” (6.35mm) pot shafts.
  • Grip Diameter: 1.010 in.
  • Skirt Diameter: 1.492 in.
  • Length: 2.305 in.
  • Height: 0.819 in.
P-K155-3 Knob - Rogan, 155 Series, Witch Hat, Large, Arrow
High-quality USA made knobs from Rogan Corp. These large phenolic knobs feature a brushed aluminum inlay and a skirt with an arrow indicator. With its 1.5” skirt diameter, this knob is much larger than the standard Fender and Music Man witch hat knobs. 155 Series knobs can be found on classic gear from Sunn, Music Man, Gibson and others. Fits ¼" shaft potentiometers.
  • Height: 0.81 in.
  • Diameter: 1.50 in.
  • Fits ¼" shaft with set screw

A variety of different knobs are available from the 155 Series. See the links below for the full selection. P-K155-1 Small-Skirted Witch Hat P-K155-2 0-10 Witch Hat
P-K315 Knob - Fender®, Vintage "Cupcake", indicator line, set screw
Genuine Fender® Pure Vintage Radio Amplifier Knobs. From tone and volume knobs to pickup covers, bridge covers and more, Pure Vintage knobs and covers let you cosmetically customize your instrument or amplifier like never before. These genuine replacement parts are created with period-correct personality in mind to the same specifications as early Fender parts, allowing players to give any Fender amp, guitar or bass a shot of vintage-accurate looks and tone.
  • Set of six ribbed replacement amplifier control knobs with indicator lines
  • Introduced on Blonde and Brown-era amplifiers
  • Used on '63 Fender Tube Reverb, Vibroverb and Vibro-King® amplifiers
  • Fits most 1/4" solid shaft potentiometers on vintage and modern amplifiers and guitars
package of 6
P-K696 Knob - Metal, Set Screw, Neve / Marconi Style, Dual Concentric Lower, 0.99” Diameter
Metal knobs with set screws and brass insert. This knob is a close match for the lower section of the dual concentric knobs used on Marconi radios and Neve consoles. It features an inlay indicator line and a diamond pattern grip. The diameter is 0.99 inch. Pairs with P-K396-X . Fits ¼” (6.35mm) pot shafts.
Note: Knob is sold separately
P-K309 Knob - Plastic, Set Screw, Raytheon Style, Skirted, 1.812” Diameter
Plastic skirted knob with set screws and brass insert. This massive knob features a textured matte finish and closely matches the look of Raytheon knobs used on vintage test equipment, radios, and studio equipment. It features a painted inlay arrow indicator on the skirt. The large skirt has a diameter of 1.812 inches. Fits ¼” (6.35mm) pot shafts.
P-K772S-B Knob - Rogan, RB-67 Series, Large, Skirted
High-quality USA made knobs from Rogan Corp. These large knobs feature a metal insert, spun aluminum inlay, and a skirt with an infilled arrow indicator. The RB-67 Series from Rogan is popularly used on Buchla 200 Series modular synthesizers and can be found on many contemporary eurorack synthesizers.
  • Height: 1.02 in.
  • Diameter: 1.52 in.
  • Fits ¼" shaft with set screw

A variety of sizes and colors are available from the RB-67 Series. See the links below for the full selection of knobs from this series. P-K770-X Small P-K770S-X Small Skirted P-K771S-X Medium Skirted P-K772S-B Large Skirted
P-K285PS-W Knob - Rogan, PT Series, 5PS, Wide, Skirted, Pointer, D-Shaft
High-quality USA made knobs from Rogan Corp. These large, puck-shaped, skirted pointer knobs from Rogan’s PT Series feature a soft rubber grip molded over a solid polymer knob. PT Series knobs can be found on synthesizer modules from Make Noise, Mutable Instruments and others. Fits 6mm D-shafts.
  • Height: 0.45 in.
  • Diameter: 0.84 in
  • Fits 6mm D Shafts
  • Indicator on round side of D-shaft

A variety of different sizes are available from the PT Series.
P-K342-A Knob - Cliff, K5, Black, Short indicator, Set Screw, for Marshall
Black Cliff K5 knob with short indicator line. ¼" shaft with set screw. Replacement for Marshall. Measures 0.75" in height. See P-K342-NOI for a version with no indicator line.
P-K36X Knob - Gretsch, "G" with Arrow logo, set screw
Colors Available:
"G" with arrow, package of 4. Gretsch originally used these knobs on guitars from 1957 - 1967. These knobs are designed to fit 1/4" solid shaft pots.
Starting at $41.95
package of 4
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