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S-H801Jack Plate - Marshall, Mono or Stereo

Mono or stereo jack plate for back of cabinets.

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S-H800Jack Plate - Marshall, Switchable Stereo/Mono
Switchable stereo/mono jack plate for back of cabinets.
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S-H700Jack Plate - Plug and Play, Mono/Stereo

The Plug and Play eliminates the confusing switch found on most stereo cabinets. Just pick your impedance and plug in. Label is set at the common 4/16 Ohm Mono and 8 Ohm Stereo. Ready to install with a steel dish, wires, and speaker connectors. Direct replacement for many existing small jack dishes. Can be used for the following configurations:

  • 4 ohm mono
  • 8 ohm left + 8 ohm right stereo
  • 8 ohm left only mono
  • 8 ohm right only mono
  • 16 ohm mono

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P-H166Jack Plate - Electrosocket, for Tele, Anodized Aluminum

This modern cupstyle Tele® jackplate is milled from brass and has an shiny plated finish. Mounts with (2) screws that are included. No more having to deal with that sharp piece of steel used to secure the old original cups. Super easy to install! The cup is even threaded so no need for the lockwasher and nut from the jack. Just simply screw the jack into the cup, solder the wires and install into your instrument!

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W-SC-C3FXLR Jack - Switchcraft, 3-Pin, Circular Panel Mount, Type C3F
Switchcraft XLR 3-Pin Female Circular Panel Mount Receptacle (Type C3F)
Mounts with #5 screws (not included). Silver pins. Nickel finish.
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W-AM-TM1RBJPlug - Amphenol, ¼", Right Angle, Switched, black nickel

Amphenol right-angle ¼” mono SwitchPlug with black finish and large jaws cable clamp (used for cable OD 5.5mm to 6.5 mm). The Amphenol T series SwitchPlug uses a unique 360 degree precision sliding helical spring contact design to quietly and accurately switch the signal circuit safely to ground during instrument changes under load, thereby avoiding annoying thumps, pops and squeals. The sliding ring contact self-cleans every time the plug is connected preventing excessive build up of oxidization and contamination. Activation is directly off the jacks full front face assuring a positive reference point every time, and as it works instantaneously on the main circuits there is no need for the use of magnets or other elaborate switching mechanisms. WARNING! For use with instrument (guitar) applications only

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W-NK-P3RA-GPlug - Neutrik, ¼", Right-Angle, 3-Pole Stereo, Gold Contacts
3 pole right-angle 1/4" professional phone plug, gold contacts, black shell
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S-H524Jack - Peavey, ¼", Stereo, PC Mount

Jack - Peavey, Stereo Jack with Metal Bushing. 5 PC mount terminals include: tip, tip-shunt (normally closed), ring, ring-shunt (normally closed) and sleeve.

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W-NK-P3RAPlug - Neutrik, ¼" Right Angle, 3-Pole Stereo, Nickel Contacts
3 pole right-angle 1/4" professional phone plug, nickel contacts, nickel shell
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P-H164Jack Plate - Fender®, for Stratocaster, Chrome

Original Fender® jack plate for Strat, chrome, includes screws.

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(17 pages)
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