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S-H521Jack - Peavey, ¼", Mono

2 tip HID (High Definition), non-insulated, metal bushing. Please note that this does not include nuts or washers. Please see parts S-HRVNT S-HRVLW, and R-VNUT38 if you require them.

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S-H526Jack - Peavey, ¼" Rean, Stereo, PC Mount

12 ½" mm, stereo, insulated, rean, PC mount, bushing length = 0.29".

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S-H277XBinding Post - Peavey, PC Mount
Colors Available:
Peavey binding post, pc mount. Connection cables can be terminated with banana plugs or stripped wires for use in the binding post terminals. Multiple color options available.
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W-SC-C3MXLR Jack - Switchcraft, 3-Pin, Circular Panel Mount, Type C3M
Switchcraft XLR 3-Pin Male Circular Panel Mount Receptacle (Type C3M)
Mounts with #5 screws (not included). Silver pins. Nickel finish.
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P-H55Plug - ¼", Straight, Used with F-Cap on Fender amps

Fender style 1/4" straight mono (tip-sleeve) open plug. Use with F-cap cover (P-H55F). Perfect for use as "open" plug for Fender "Hot Rod" and "Blues Reissue" amps having both "Main Speaker" and "External Speaker" jacks allowing you to connect an alternate speaker impedance with the open plug inserted in the "Main Speaker" jack (speaker load configuration 3).

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W-SC-HPCP41FSpeakON Plug - Switchcraft, Panel Mount
Switchcraft HPC Locking Panel Mount Receptacle, Equivalent To SpeakON (Type HPCP41F)
Faston 0.250" terminals.
Mates with W-SC-HPCC4F
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S-H561Jack - Mono, ¼", replacement for Fender Amps 1999 - Present

R/A mono jack. Replacement for Fender amps 1999-present. Similar to Fender part: 005-1658-000

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S-H951Jack - Cliff, ¼", Mono, White, Solder Lug, unswitched

Cliff UK 1/4" white mono jack, unswitched. 2 solder lugs include: tip and sleeve. External threading: 7/16-20. Features:

  • Ni-Ag® Alloy Self-Cleaning Contacts for superior performance and reliability
  • Tough, molded Nylon body.

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W-AM-AC3MDZBXLR Jack - Amphenol, 3-Pole, Male, D Flange
Amphenol AC "Z" series XLR metal chassis mount connector. 3 pole male, D Flange, Stamped contacts, Black Finish.
The metal chassis mount "Z" series connectors are designed for the audio user where durability, reliability and strength across a wide range of applications are important. All AC products are manufactured to the highest quality standards and will withstand the harshest environments.
Note: A ground tag is standard on all AC "Z" series connectors. Although the ground tag is intended for RFI shielding applications, Amphenol cannot guarantee its effectiveness in all cases.
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W-SC-C3FXLR Jack - Switchcraft, 3-Pin, Circular Panel Mount, Type C3F
Switchcraft XLR 3-Pin Female Circular Panel Mount Receptacle (Type C3F)
Mounts with #5 screws (not included). Silver pins. Nickel finish.
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(15 pages)
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