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S-H267XRCA Jack - Chassis Mount, Front Mount, Gold Plated
Colors Available:
Gold, black/red/white band, front mount female RCA phono jack. Multiple color options available.
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S-H263Binding Post - Dual, Gold-Plated

Dual, gold plated binding post.

  • Red and black posts
  • Accepts either single or dual banana plugs
  • Mounts in two ½" holes on ¾" centers, panel thickness up to ¼"
  • 15A rating
  • Gold plated contacts.

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W-SC-D3MXLR Jack - Switchcraft, 3-Pin, Rectangular Panel Mount, Type D3M
Switchcraft XLR 3-Pin Male Rectangular Panel Mount Receptacle (Type D3M)
Two countersunk mounting holes for #5 screws (not included)
Latchlock. Silver pins. Nickel finish.
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S-H527Jack - Peavey, ¼", Stereo

Stereo HID (High Definition), insulated. Please note that this does not include nuts or washers. Please see parts S-HRVNT, S-HRVLW, and R-VNUT38 if you require them.

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W-SC-A3MXLR Plug - Switchcraft, Cable Mount, Type A3M
Switchcraft XLR 3-Pin Male Cable Mount Plug (Type A3M)
Nickel body. Silver contacts. Latchlock. Mates with W-SC-A3F
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W-SC-A3FXLR Plug - Switchcraft, 3-Pin, Cable Mount, Type A3F
Switchcraft XLR 3-Pin Female Cable Mount Plug (Type A3F)
Nickel body. Silver contacts. Latchlock. Mates with W-SC-A3M
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W-SC-3502ARCA Plug - Switchcraft, Mono, 2-Conductor, Nickel, Type 3502A
Switchcraft 2 conductor shielded RCA straight plug, solid pin, cable up to 0.290" (7.366mm) diameter, solder cup on center. Long handle & cable clamp, Nickel Handle, Nickel Plug
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S-H331XRCA Plug - Blue, Ceramic
Colors Available:
Black or Red ring RCA phono jacks. Ceramic body with gold plating.
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S-H264XBanana Plug - Screw Type, Gold Plated
Colors Available:
Internal stud for solder or solderless connection. Body is hex brass; tip is four leaved, phosphor bronze, gold plated spring. Gold spring type. Multiple color options available.
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S-H512Jack - Fender®, ¼", Mono, PC Mount, Closed Circuit

PCB mono closed circuit.

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(18 pages)
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