Jacks & Plugs


Switchcraft is a leading supplier of a broad line of jacks and plugs for audio applications.
W-SC-228 Plug - Switchcraft, ¼", Mono, 2-Conductor, flat cable-mount, right-angle
Switchcraft ¼" Mono 2-conductor cable-mount plug. Flat shielded handle with solder terminals. Type 228. Used in Fender amps for speaker connections. Also perfect for close quarters pedal-to-pedal connections. Includes hardware
W-SC-280 Plug - Switchcraft, ¼", Mono, 2-Conductor, cable-mount
Switchcraft Type 280. ¼” Mono 2-Conductor straight plug with solder lugs and cable clamp. Switchcraft Heavy duty machined copper alloy handle, tip and body for unsurpassed ruggedness
W-SC-226 Plug - Switchcraft, ¼", Mono, 2-Conductor, cable-mount, right-angle
Switchcraft ¼" Mono 2-Conductor Right Angle Plug (Type 226) Good for tight spaces Large terminals accept up to 16 AWG wiring (cables up to 0.25" diameter) All Metal exterior
W-SC-188 Plug - Switchcraft, ¼", Mono 2-conductor, heavy-duty jumbo
Switchcraft Type 188 Jumbo Plug. ¼" Mono 2 Conductor Heavy Duty Cable Mount Plug - Nickel Finish.
W-SC-13B Jack - Switchcraft, ¼", Stereo 3-conductor, shunt tip
Switchcraft 1/4" stereo jack, 4 solder lugs include: tip, tip-shunt, ring and sleeve.
W-SC-236 Plug - Switchcraft, ¼", Stereo 3-conductor, right-angle
Switchcraft 1/4" stereo plug. 3-conductor cable-mount plug. Round metal handle with solder contacts. Right-angle plug.
W-SC-297 Plug - Switchcraft, ¼", Stereo, 3-conductor, cable-mount
Switchcraft 1/4" stereo (TRS - tip, ring, sleeve) plug with solder lugs & cable clamp. Perfect for making your own high quality, three conductor cables or replacing cheap, unreliable stereo cable ends with the durability of Switchcraft.
W-SC-238X Plug - Switchcraft, ¼", Stereo, 3-conductor, cable-mount, right-angle
Switchcraft's 3 conductor right-angle audio phone plugs are designed for OEMs and users of commercial phone plugs. These plugs offer rugged reliability for stable, long-term, trouble-free operation. Flat Shielded Handle w/ Solder Contacts Materials: Tip Rod and Sleeve: Brass, Bright Nickel Plated Terminals: Brass, Electro Tinned Handle and Cover: Nickel Plated Steel RoHS Compliant
W-SC-13E ¼" Jack - Switchcraft, Mono 2-Conductor, isolated break circuit
Switchcraft Type 13E phono jack. Mono 2-conductor isolated break circuit. Mates with standard ¼" plugs and is available with 0.25" inside diameter bushing. Includes nut and washer.
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