Integrated Circuits

S-TDIP-PULL Tool - IC Extractor / Puller, for DIP
Hand-held IC extractor for use on DIP chips. Simply position the metal ends beneath the far edges of the chip and pull up. Be sure to pull upward uniformly to avoid bending pins. This IC extractor can also be used to pull switches on hot-swappable mechanical keyboards.
S-TDIP-STR8 Tool - IC Straightener, for 0.3” and 0.6” DIP
Hand-held IC lead straightener for use on both 0.3” and 0.6” wide DIP chips. The IC straightener provides a quick and easy way to straighten pins on most DIP ICs. Simply place the IC into the slot and press both sides in to straighten the leads for easy insertion with sockets and PCB footprints. A screw is available for use as a ground terminal to reduce the chance of static damage.
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