S-M560 Insulation - GC Electronics, fibroid, "fish paper"
Vulcanized Cellulose Fiber for all electrical insulation. Gray insulating paper. .010" thick. used in switches, under terminals, in transformers, etc .where mechanical strength is required. Its qualities of toughness, flexibility, and edge-tearing resistance combined with high dielectric strength and ready absorption of insulating varnish have led to its predominant use as an improved motor slot call insulation. Dielectric strength 3000 volts. 10" wide roll contains 240 sq. inches.
S-NSP632-38 Spacers - Round, Nylon, #6-32, ⅜” Length
White nylon round spacers with a 0.375” length. These spacers fit #6 (M3.5) screws and have an outer diameter of 0.252”.
package of 5
P-H54-WASHER-LOCK Washer - Internal Tooth Lock, ¼”, For Mini Toggle Switches
Spring steel tooth-lock washer. Uses internal teeth for locking and tension. The 0.25 inch size fits Carling mini toggle switches along with any other ¼” bushing item.
package of 5
R-VM-NUT-2 Nut - M8x0.75 hex, for potentiometers / switches / jacks
M8 x 0.75 threaded hex nut. For use on potentiometers, switches, and jacks.
package of 5
S-HSOH6-1 Screw - #6 x 1”, Slotted, Oval Head, Wood, Nickel-plated
#6 x 1” slotted drive wood screws made of nickel plated steel. This style of oval head screw is commonly used on early Fender® tweed amps to secure the back panels. They are also the same type used for securing strap buttons as well as for mounting the bridge plate on early Telecaster® guitars including the Nocaster® and Esquire® guitars.
package of 4
W-SC-W09 Nut - Switchcraft, Knurl Nut for Switches
Original Switchcraft Copper Alloy Knurled Locknut (Nickel Plated) Outside Diameter:5/8" Inside diameter threading:15/32" Width: 3/32"
S-H10FW Finishing Washer - #10, Stainless Steel, Countersunk
#10 steel finishing washers. Designed for accommodating the heads of countersunk screws. It provides additional bearing area on the material being fastened and can be used to give a neat, finished appearance. Made of 18-8 stainless steel.
package of 10
S-HFW Washer - flat fiber, 0.625" outer diameter
Fiber Flat Washer Outer Diameter = 0.625" Inner Diameter = 0.385"
package of 5
P-GRV-WASHERS Washers - Grover, Replacement For Tuner Knobs, Set
Full set of replacement washers for Grover tuners. These are the washers that are between the arm of the tuner and the tuner’s knob. All three washers are used on a single tuner. Includes 6 nylon washers, 6 spring washers, and 6 flat washers.
package of 6
S-H510 Nut - Fender®, Hex, for Rean Jacks
Hex nuts for Rean jacks. Package of 12 Genuine Fender replacement jack nuts: 7/16-20 x 1/8 nickel-plated Used with many Fender amplifier jacks
package of 12
S-H180X PC Lock-In Support - Nylon, sturdy for mounting
Nylon lock-in supports for mounting printed circuit boards.
  • Locks onto .062 (1.57) thick PC board
  • Board is positively locked until manually released
  • Board is easily releasable for repairs or upgrades
  • Sturdy support due to high contact area with chassis

Designed for 0.156” PCB mounting hole diameter, 0.187” chassis mounting hole diameter, 0.062” PCB thickness, 0.062” chassis thickness.
Starting at $1.05
package of 5
S-HPRH3-38 Screw - #3 x ⅜”, Phillips, Round Head, Sheet Metal, Nickel-plated
#3 x ⅜” Phillips drive wood screws made of nickel plated steel. This style of round head screw is commonly used to secure Kluson and Kluson style tuners as well as string trees on Fender® guitars.
package of 7
P-GGT-87 Ferrules - Gotoh, TLB-1 Relic, for Guitar, aged nickel
6 pieces per set.
package of 6
P-GTNN22 Nut - Black Bone, Pre-slotted, Gibson Style
Pre-slotted black bone nuts for Gibson necks with a 12” radius. A 12” fingerboard is the common radius used on most Gibson guitars. The bone used for the pre-shaped and pre-slotted nuts is dyed black using a process that results in a fully black nut.
  • Height - 9.3 mm
  • Width - 43.4 mm
  • Thickness - 4.8 mm
  • Radius - 12 in.
S-HS1032-1F-SET Hardware - Fender, Screws & T-Nuts for Handle
Screw - Machine, Phillips Flat Head, 10-32 x 1 in., Stainless, package of 5
Nut - T-Nut, Zinc, 10-32, package of 5
Hardware only. Amp handle not included.
package of 5
S-H100 Screw - 1", Flat top Phillips, Stainless Steel
1" stainless steel Phillips head, flat top screw.
package of 4
S-HIELW8 Washer - #8, Internal-External Tooth Lock, Steel
Steel lock washers that use both internal and external teeth for locking and tension. The teeth dig into the screw head or nut and the joint. These washers provide greater vibration resistance than split lock washers. Steel lock washers like these can be found in vintage Fender® blackface and silverface amplifiers for securing speakers to the cabinet. These washers have a zinc finish.
package of 10
P-H1441MS-BK Screw - 6-32 x ¼", Hammond, Self-Tapping, Combination Pan Head, Black
Black 6-32 self-tapping screw from Hammond with a ¼” thread length. These screws pair perfectly with their black powder coated sheet metal chassis boxes.
package of 6
S-H106 Screws - Fender®, Set Screws, for Knobs
Set screws for knobs. Package of 24. Fits: U.S. Telecaster / P-Bass chrome knobs and vintage-style knobs. Fender part number: 099-4922-000
package of 24
S-HST6-112 Screw - #6, 1 ½", Self-Tapping, Phillips Pan Head, Zinc
#6 x 1 ½” zinc type AB. Type AB screws tap their own mating internal thread. They require a preformed hole for installation into metallic materials but necessary for wood or plastic materials. Combines locating point of Type A with thread size and pitch of Type B. Normal limitations of Type B apply. Has a general purpose bearing area and can be substituted in most applications for round, truss, or binding heads. Provides good control in driving and is the most recommended drive.
S-HSB8-12 Screw - 8-32 x ½”, Phillips, Round Head, Machine, Brass
8-32 x ½” Phillips round head machine screws made of solid brass. These brass round head screws visually match the screws found on vintage Marshall amplifiers. They are a great choice for restoration or replica builds. The 8-32 x ½” size works in place of original M4.5 screws that were used for mounting the power and output transformers. These will also work well in many other types of projects. Brass round head screws are available in the following sizes: Diameter/TPI SKU 4-40 S-HSB4-X 6-32 S-HSB6-X 8-32 S-HSB8-12 Pairs with S-HBNX brass nuts and S-HLWX-B lock washers. S-HBWX flat washers are also available.
package of 5
S-H103 Screw - #4 x ½", Oval Head, Sheet Metal, Black Oxide
Black screws for attaching logos and other lightweight items. #4 x 1/2" sheet metal/wood screws, oval head, black oxide finish. Package of 25.
package of 25
S-H409X Wire Nut - 18-22AWG, 300V, Rated for 105°C
300V wire nuts for use with 18 gauge through 22 gauge wires. These wire nuts are great for use on appliances, televisions, stereos, antennas, or for any small wiring application. Rated for up to 105°C.
Save 15%
Originally: $1.45
package of 20
S-HPR632-58 Screw - 6-32 x ⅝”, Phillips, Round Head, Machine, Nickel-plated
#6-32 x ⅝” Phillips drive machine screws made of nickel plated steel. This style of round head screw matches the pickup and switch mounting screws found on Fender® guitars such as Stratocasters® and Telecasters®.
package of 5
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