P-STRP-20 Header - Round Pin, 20 Position, Breakaway, 2.54mm Spacing
20 position male pin headers with a 2.54mm (0.1”) pitch. These headers use round pins that are smaller than the standard square type and are perfect for use with IC sockets, breadboards, and machine pin sockets. The breakaway construction makes fitting them to projects simple. Features:
  • Round Pin
  • 20 Position
  • 2.54mm Spacing
  • Breakaway
R-VM-NUT-2 Nut - M8x0.75 hex, for potentiometers / switches / jacks
M8 x 0.75 threaded hex nut. For use on potentiometers, switches, and jacks.
package of 5
S-H131 Screws - Original Fender, Vintage Style Strat Bridge Mounting
Genuine Fender® vintage-style Strat bridge mounting screws. Some of Fender’s most requested replacement screws. Made for Fender® and used on a variety of vintage and contemporary models.
  • Set of 12 replacement screws
  • Genuine vintage specifications
  • Nickel plating
  • Phillips oval-head (#6 x 1 1/8")
  • Used on American Vintage Stratocaster® guitars
package of 12
S-HFS8-34 Screw - #8 x ¾”, Phillips, Flat Head, Sheet Metal, Stainless Steel
18-8 stainless steel sheet metal screws. These flat head #8 screws have a length of ¾” and are commonly used to secure cable clamps directly to the cabinet for RCA reverb tank cables used in vintage Fender® blackface and silverface combo amps. For the larger #10 screws often used with power cables, see S-HFS10-34.
package of 5
S-HSW-M12 Washer - Flat, M12, Stainless Steel, Thick
Extra thick M12 flat washers. These washers fit both metric (M12) and imperial (15/32) bushings for compatibility with the vast majority of foot switches and full-sized toggle switches. These thick steel washers are a great way to add a classy look to projects.
package of 10
R-VKG-NUT Nut - for Marshall, Hex Type, M9, for Potentiometers
Replacement nut for Marshall snap in style pots with M9 bushing.
package of 5
S-H102 Screw - #6 x ¾", Flat Head, Stainless Steel
Stainless steel flat head Phillips self-tapping screws. #6 x 3/4" length. Good for use with P-H266 & P-H267 & P-H1087N.
package of 8
S-H4FW-X Finishing Washer - #4, Countersunk
#4 finishing washers. Designed for accommodating the heads of countersunk screws. It provides additional bearing area on the material being fastened and can be used to give a neat, finished appearance.
Starting at $1.35
package of 10
S-HMB-JEN Bracket - for PCB mounting, replica of Vintage Fuzz
Mounting bracket for vintage fuzz PCBs. This bracket is an exact replica of the bracket found in the Italian made Vox Tone Bender V828 pedals. The mounting width for the board is 1.35” which fits the P-PC-FUZZ-JEN, P-PC-BEND-MKII-BRN, and any other vintage spacing (0.15”) stripboard. The PCB mounting holes are threaded for M3 screws (sold separately). The two potentiometer holes are spaced 1.95” center to center and fit potentiometers with ⅜” bushings or smaller.
S-HXFW-2N Finishing Washer - Nickel-plated Brass, Countersunk, Flanged, Fender Style
Flanged finishing washers made of nickel plated brass. Designed for accommodating the heads of countersunk screws. These washers provide additional bearing area on the material being fastened and can be used to give a neat, finished appearance. This design closely resembles the flanged finishing washers found on later blackface and silverface Fender® amplifier cabinets. The #6 size is used for back panels on combo amps and heads. The #8 is used for extension cabinet back panels. For the earlier flush style finishing washers used on these amps, see S-HXFW-1N.
Starting at $5.35
package of 10
S-H101 Screw - #6 x ¾", Pan Head, Stainless Steel
Stainless steel pan head Phillips self-tapping screws. #6 X ¾" length. Good for use with #'s 3,4 and 5.
package of 12
S-HCN832 Nut - Cage, Zinc, 8-32, Electroplate Panel Range .064-.105
Common replacement for many applications. The nut is free floating and will help to take care of problems with misaligned holes. Convenient cage design stops the nut from moving while tightening.
  • 8-32 Threading
  • Panel Range .064-.105
  • Zinc Finish
S-H130 Screws - Original Fender, Vintage Speaker Mounting Stud / Nut
Original Fender speaker mounting stud/nut set. These speaker mounting studs were used on countless amps of the '50s, '60s, '70s, and beyond. The reverse thread section screws into the baffle wood and the machine screw section holds the speaker in place using the included keps nuts.
  • Used on early ’50s and ’60s vintage amplifiers
  • Fits most vintage and modern amplifiers
  • 1” of 8-32 machine head thread
  • ¼” of reverse wood thread
  • 1-½” overall length
  • 8-32 keps nuts included

Fender part number: 099-2094-000
package of 12
S-HBR-18D-X Blind Rivet - Dome Head, Steel, ⅛ in. diameter
Steel shank / steel mandrel blind rivets with a ⅛” diameter. Blind rivets, also referred to as pop rivets, can be used to join or fasten two components without requiring access to the backside of the panel or chassis. The installation is quick and results in a joint that can be stronger and tighter than a screw. These rivets are useful for securing tube sockets or other hardware such as battery holders on stompboxes.
Starting at $1.15
package of 12
S-NSP632-38 Spacers - Round, Nylon, #6-32, ⅜” Length
White nylon round spacers with a 0.375” length. These spacers fit #6 (M3.5) screws and have an outer diameter of 0.252”.
package of 5
S-HELWX Washer - External Tooth Lock, Stainless Steel
Stainless steel lock washers that use external teeth for locking and tension. The external teeth dig into the screw head or nut and the joint. These washers provide greater vibration resistance than split lock washers. Steel lock washers like these can be found in vintage Fender® blackface, silverface, and tweed amplifiers for securing hardware, transformers, and speakers.
Starting at $1.09
package of 10
P-GTF-N Ferrules - Fender®, for Original Telecaster, nickel, set of 6
Fender® replacement string ferrules for Original Tele (6 ferrules)
package of 6
S-HPOH4-12 Screw - #4 x ½”, Phillips, Oval Head, Sheet Metal, Nickel-plated
#4 x ½” Phillips drive sheet metal screws made of nickel plated steel. This style of oval head screw is commonly used on Fender® pickguards, tremolo covers, and some bridge covers.
package of 5
S-HPRH3-14 Screw - #3 x ¼”, Phillips, Round Head, Wood, Nickel-plated
#3 x ¼” Phillips drive wood screws made of nickel plated steel. This style of round head screw is commonly used on Gibson® truss rod covers.
package of 5
S-HS-SKT-X Screws - M3-0.5 Socket Head Cap, 8mm Length
Colors Available:
Ideal for precision assembly work with close tolerances and applications needing a well tooled appearance.
Starting at $0.95
package of 5
S-M560 Insulation - GC Electronics, fibroid, "fish paper"
Vulcanized Cellulose Fiber for all electrical insulation. Gray insulating paper. .010" thick. used in switches, under terminals, in transformers, etc .where mechanical strength is required. Its qualities of toughness, flexibility, and edge-tearing resistance combined with high dielectric strength and ready absorption of insulating varnish have led to its predominant use as an improved motor slot call insulation. Dielectric strength 3000 volts. 10" wide roll contains 240 sq. inches.
R-VNUT-38-X Nut & Washer - Panel, for ⅜" Potentiometers and Jacks
Replacement nut and washer for pots and jacks that feature a ⅜" bushing with 3/8-32 threading. Sold in packs containing 100 nuts and 100 washers.
Starting at $12.00
Save 52%
Originally: $25.00
package of 100
P-H54-WASHER-LOCK Washer - Internal Tooth Lock, ¼”, For Mini Toggle Switches
Spring steel tooth-lock washer. Uses internal teeth for locking and tension. The 0.25 inch size fits Carling mini toggle switches along with any other ¼” bushing item.
package of 5
S-HNFW-M12-X Washer - Flat, M12, Nylon, for Foot Switches
Colors Available:
Nylon flat washers for use with foot switches. These washers are M12 size and fit both metric (M12) and imperial (15/32) bushings for compatibility with the vast majority of foot switches.
package of 10
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