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Guitars can lead a rough life and replacement parts can bring your axe to like new condition. But did you know that you can also change components to achieve different sounds? The options are endless!


Gibson is an American manufacturer of guitars and other musical instruments.


Vibrato tailpieces designed by Paul A. Bigsby.
P-GB-WASHER-1 Washer - Bigsby, Fibre Handle
Bigsby vibrato handle washer. See P-GB-WASHER-2 for plastic washer.
Bigsby Part No: 0495-2331
P-GB-WASHER-2 Washer - Bigsby, Plastic
Bigsby replacement plastic washer. Bigsby part number 0495-0410. See P-GB-WASHER-1 for fiber washer.
P-GB-SCREW-1X Screw - Bigsby, Regular #125, Hinge
Colors Available:
Bigsby hinge screw, regular. Stainless steel
Bigsby part: 0495-1923
Bigsby Part No: 0495-1923G
Starting at $1.95
P-GB-NUT Nut - Bigsby, Handle
Nut for bigsby vibrato handle.
Bigsby Part No: 0495-1410
P-GB-SCREW-2 Screw - Bigsby, Mounting
Stainless Bigsby mounting screw.
Bigsby Part No: 0495-1927
P-GB-SCREW-3 Screw - Bigsby, Set Screw
Set Screw for Bigsby arm.
Bigsby Part No: 0495-1931
W-SC-W0X Switch Tip - Switchcraft, for Gibson® Pickup Selectors
Colors Available:
Switchcraft Switch Tip for Gibson Pickup Selectors. Multiple color options available. Threading: 8-32 Replacement for Gibson: PRTK-010
Starting at $2.15
P-GB-SPRING-3 Guitar Part - Bigsby, Spring, Handle
  • Bigsby Vibrato Handle Pivot Spring.
  • Diameter is 0.37 in. Height is 0.359 in.
  • Used for handle pivot resistance.
  • Located on underside of pivot joint on handle between the pivot nut and the handle.
  • Not to be confused with a "Tension Spring".
  • Picture is enlarged to show detail.
  • Bigsby Part# 0495-1960
P-GB-STUD-1 Handle Stud - Bigsby, Stainless
Bigsby handle stud. Stainless steel
Bigsby part: 0495-1980
P-GB-PIN-X2 Pin - Bigsby, Hinge
Colors Available:
Bigsby Part No: 0495-1635
Starting at $3.95
P-GB-PIN-5 Pin - Bigsby, Hinge, Polished, Short for B3
Hinge pin for Bigsby B3 vibrato (Length = 1.68", Diameter = 0.18")
P-GB-PIN-X Pin - Bigsby, Roller
Colors Available:
Bigsby pin for vibrato roller. Multiple color options available.
Bigsby Part No: 0495-1630
Bigsby Part No: 0495-1630G
Starting at $4.25
P-GB-BEARING-1 Bushing - Bigsby, Roller, Bronze
Bronze Bigsby roller bushing. Fits between P-GB-PIN-X and P-GB-ROLLER-S.
Bigsby Part No: 0495-0230
P-GB-SPRING-1X Tension Spring - Bigsby, 1"
Colors Available:
Bigsby tension spring, 1".
Bigsby part: 0495-1975
Multiple color options available.
Bigsby Part No: 0495-1975G
Starting at $6.95
P-GB-SPRING-4X Tension Spring - Bigsby, ~\frac{11}{16}~"
Colors Available:
Bigsby vibrato tension spring. Multiple color options available.
Bigsby Part No: 0495-1964G
Bigsby Part No: 0495-1964
Starting at $6.95
P-GB-SPRING-5X Tension Spring - Bigsby, 1 ⅛"
Colors Available:
Bigsby vibrato tension spring. Multiple color options available.
Bigsby Part No: 0495-1978G
Bigsby Part No: 0495-1978
P-GB-SPRING-2X Tension Spring - Bigsby, Vibrato ⅞"
Colors Available:
Part: 0495-1967
Multiple color options available.
Bigsby Part No: 0495-1967G
Starting at $8.95
P-GB-ROLLER-S Roller - Bigsby, Stainless
Roller for Bigsby vibrato, stainless.
Bigsby Part No: 0495-1837
P-GB-BRACKET-2X Bracket - Bigsby, Chet Atkins, Top Only
Colors Available:
Bigsby Chet Atkins bracket top piece. Chrome version includes a pre-installed bolt.
Bigsby Part No: 0495-0215G
Bigsby Part No: 0495-0215
Starting at $12.95
P-GB-SADDLE-1P Saddle - Bigsby, Bridge, New, Polished
Polished Bigsby bridge saddle with string indents. Compensated for plain G-string.
Bigsby Part No: 0495-0261
P-GB-HINGE-1X Hinge - Bigsby, Gretsch, for vibrato
Colors Available:
Original Bigsby vibrato hinge. Multiple color options available.
Bigsby Part No: 0495-0890G
Bigsby Part No: 0495-0890
Starting at $15.95
P-GB-SADDLE-2P Saddle - Bigsby, Bridge, Polished
Polished Bigsby bridge saddle.
Bigsby Part No: 0495-02551
P-GB-BRACKET-3X Bracket - Bigsby, Handle
Colors Available:
Bigsby Chet Atkins bracket, handle piece only. Multiple color options available.
Bigsby Part No: 0495-0217G
Bigsby Part No: 0495-0217
Starting at $16.95
P-GB-HINGE-2P Hinge - Bigsby / Gretsch, Polished, for B700
Genuine Bigsby replacement hinge for use with B700 vibratos. Hinge pin sold separately. Pin hole diameter = 0.18"
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