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Guitars can lead a rough life and replacement parts can bring your axe to like new condition. But did you know that you can also change components to achieve different sounds? The options are endless!
P-GGT-4-C Tuners - Gotoh, Modern Keystone-Style, Chrome, 3 per Side
Package of 6
These super tuners are recognized as such around the world. The SG381 feature a 16:1 gear ratio and has evolved through improvement without compromise at any stage and come equipped with a considerable application of high-technology as standard. With the improvement of precision fitting gears, marvelous touch on playing---they have gained a considerable reputation and are trusted as the No.1 machine head by many musicians all over the world. These come with a metal keystone head and are perfect for your three-on-a-side setup. Mounting hardware included.
P-GGT-6-X Tuners - Gotoh, Midsize 510, Metal Knobs, 3 per side, diag. mount
Package of 6
Colors Available:
The SG510 series are recognized the world over as one of the top performing super tuners on the market. These feature an 18:1 gear ratio. They have evolved through improvement without any compromises along the way. The come equipped with a considerable amount of high-technology as a standard. With the improvement of precision fitting gears which give a marvelous touch on playing they have gained a considerable reputation and are trusted as the No.1 machine head by many musicians all over the world. These are three-on-a-side. Mounting hardware included.
Starting at $68.00
P-GB-HINGE-3 Hinge - Bigsby, Extra Short
Colors Available:
Genuine Bigsby® replacement hinge for vibrato units. This hinge is the stock hinge used on the B7 and B3.
      Starting at $21.95
      S-H138-U-N Wood Screw - #3 x 1-3/8”, Phillips, Round Head
      Original, made in USA, #3 x 1-3/8” wood screws. These premium screws are nickel plated and are perfect for pickups that are directly mounted to the guitar body such as P-90 and Thunderbird pickups.
      P-GKLU-SD90SLX Tuners - Kluson, 3 per side, with pearloid keystone
      Package of 6
      Colors Available:
      Kluson Pearloid Button Tuners, 3 Per Side, Pearl. Complete set with both bass and treble side individual tuning machines. Includes bushings and mounting screws. Historically correct replacement for many '50s and '60s Gibson®, Martin® and Epiphone® guitars. Used on a Les Paul / SG Standard Historically used on:
      • 1958 - 1959 Gibson® Flying V
      • 1958 - 1959 Gibson® ES-345
      • 1956 - 1959 Gibson® ES-295
      • 1956 - 1959 Gibson® J-200
      • 1956 - 1959 Gibson® ES-350
      • 1956 - 1959 ES-5
      • 1957 Gibson Explorer Prototype Futura
      • 1959 Epiphone Crestwood Deluxe
      Starting at $41.00
      P-GTFW6130 Fret wire - Dunlop, large, for early Gibson
      Package of 24
      Dunlop®, 6130,.036" x.106", 28% nickel/silver, hard alloy, 2 5/8" long, large/jumbo size, good on early Gibson®, 24 pieces
      P-GTSB03 Strap locks - Fender®, with button / pin
      Package of 2
      Go ahead and jump! You're protected by Fender® strap locks
      P-PUGRETMR-S Pickup Mounting Ring - Gretsch, FilterTron, Silver
      Gretsch® Original Filtertron Pickup Ring, for bridge or neck.
      P-GPS-3X Pickup Kit - Tele, Bridge or Neck
      Includes all parts but the magnet wire, all sets are ready for winding. Kits include Alnico 5 magnets, bobbins, poll screws, slug screws, baseplate, and coil lead wires. These pickups use alnico 5 pole pieces to produce a warm, well rounded classic tone.
      P-GTARM03 Tremolo Arm - Fender®, Vintage '62 Jaguar / Jazzmaster
      Original Fender® Tremolo arm for Vintage '62 Jaguar/Jazzmaster.
      P-GTMH04 Tuners - Fender®, locking, chrome
      Package of 6
      Deluxe locking tuners used on most American Deluxe Strat® models. May also be used as an upgrade to most Fender® instruments. Chrome. Set of 6
      P-GTNN05 Nut - Brass, for Fender
      This brass nut blank will work for most Fender® and similar style guitars and basses. It is NOT slotted and does require final shaping and fitting to exact size.
      • Thickness = 9/64 inches (3.47mm)
      • Flat Bottom Length = 1 11/16 inches (43 mm)
      • Height at ends = 13/64 inches (5.25mm)
      • Height at middle = 15/64 inches (6mm)
      S-CDUCK Lubrication - Dr. Duck's, Ax Wax & String Lube, Organic
      For use on the entire fretboard, headstock, front,sides, back and pickguards. Also cleans and lubes bridge saddles, fine tuners on locking tremolo systems, tuning machine knobs and posts. US made with US materials, 4 oz.
      S-H106 Screws - Fender®, Set Screws, for Knobs
      Package of 24
      Set screws for knobs. Package of 24. Fits: U.S. Telecaster / P-Bass chrome knobs and vintage-style knobs. Fender part number: 099-4922-000
      S-H251 Piggyback Hardware - Fender, Thumb Screws
      Package of 2
      Thumb screws. Package of two. Fender part number: 099-0720-000
      P-GB-WASHER-1 Washer - Bigsby, Fibre Handle
      Genuine Bigsby® replacement vibrato handle washer.
      P-GKLU-MBCF65N Tuner Bushings - for New Fender®, Nickel
      Package of 6
      Replacement bushings for Fender® headstocks. Contemporary - 10.5mm outside diameter and 6.35mm inside diameter. These are the correct adapter bushings for contemporary Fender necks that are bored out to slightly larger modern specs. These work as reducer bushings to enable you to install a vintage Kluson tuner on a modern headstock from Fender without having to plug and redrill the pegholes.
      P-GTVT-C-PLATE Plate - Fender®, Vintage Tele Bridge, Chrome
      Chrome-plated steel bridge plate for use on American Vintage, Classic and Road Worn® series Telecaster® models.
      • String-through-body three-saddle design
      • Mounting hardware and bridge saddles not included
      P-GKLU-KTS9105MN Tuner - Kluson Supreme, Oval knob, 6 in line, Nickel
      Package of 6
      The new Kluson® Supreme series tuners have an 18:1 gear ratio in the traditional stamped steel housing. Designed for use on headstocks using vintage style press fit bushings. Mounting screws and bushings included.
      • 6-in-line orientation
      • Metal,oval button
      • Safety post
      • Precise 18:1 gear ratio
      P-GRV-106X Tuners - Grover, Rotomatic locking, 3 per side
      Package of 6
      Colors Available:
      The introduction of the new Grover Locking Rotomatics® gives you the ease of use provided by a standard tuner and the positive locking of our internal cam post. Simply insert the string through the string hole, pull to tension by hand and begin tuning. As you start to tune, only the locking cam in the string post turns. Once the string is locked, the string post begins to turn allowing you to bring the string to pitch. In less than one revolution of the string post, you will be in tune, to stay in tune. Gear ratio is 18 to 1.
      Starting at $53.95
      P-GRV-205X6 Tuners - Grover, Mini Rotomatic, 6 in line
      Package of 6
      Colors Available:
      Totally professional in design and performance. Small and lightweight, this precision machine fits guitar headpieces that will not take full size machines. The mini buttons provide more space for players' fingers (even larger fingers) to tune strings. Gear ratio is 14:1. Sealed-in lubrication keeps Mini-Rotomatics perfect for a lifetime! Includes ⅝" washers, bushings and wood screws.
      Starting at $44.95
      P-GTNN07 Nut - Bone, for Gibson, 43mm X 5.9mm X 8mm, Flat
      Bone nut for Gibson®, 43mm x 5.9mm x 8mm at highest point with flat bottom.
      P-PG14X Pickguard - Fender®, for American Telecaster, 8-hole
      Colors Available:
      Fits most American Telecasters
      Starting at $25.95
      P-SW61 Switch - Pickup Selector, Strat, 5-Way, Black
      5-way switch for Strats, black tip.
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