Guitar Parts

Guitars can lead a rough life and replacement parts can bring your axe to like new condition. But did you know that you can also change components to achieve different sounds? The options are endless!
P-GTSG-STRAT-RW String Guide - Fender®, for Stratocaster, Road Worn®
Original Fender® Road Worn string guide with mounting screw and spacer.
P-GTSG-TELE-RW String Guide - Fender®, for Telecaster, Road Worn®
Original Fender® Road Worn® string guide with mounting screw.
The Fender® Road Worn® series is comprised of genuine Fender® parts that have been crafted to look and feel like a truly vintage part. All parts are designed to the same specs as originals and feature patina and signs of a well played guitar part. Fender® Road Worn® parts won’t stick out like a sore thumb on vintage and relic’d guitars.
P-K334-RW Switch Tip - Fender®, Telecaster, Road Worn®, Set Of 2
Original Fender® Road Worn® barrel switch tips for Tele. Includes two black tips.
P-K337-RW Switch Tip - Fender®, Stratocaster, Road Worn®, Set Of 2
Original Fender switch tips. Pack of 2
P-GRV-505FVX Tuner - Grover, Vintage, for Fender, Roto-Grip
Colors Available:
The Grover Roto-Grip 505F series are upgrades for vintage and vintage style Fenders that require zero modifications. These inline tuners feature the famous 18:1 ratio and thumb screw locking mechanism.
Starting at $71.95
P-GTARM02-RW Tremolo Arm - Fender®, Stratocaster, Road Worn®
Original Fender® Road Worn® tremolo arm with aged white tip. Metric M5 threading.
S-H107-RW Screw - Fender®, for Pickups & Switches, Road Worn®, Set of 12
Original Fender® Road Worn® mounting screws for pickups and switches. Set of 12.
P-GTNP-4C-FND-4 Neck Plate - Fender®, 4 Bolt, Chrome
Original Fender® neck plate for 4 hole necks with four mounting screws.
P-PGA1-RW Pickguard Screws - Fender®, Road Worn®, Set of 24
Original Fender® Road Worn® pickguard screws. Package of 24.
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