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Guitar Parts

Guitars can lead a rough life and replacement parts can bring your axe to like new condition.  But did you know that you can also change components to achieve different sounds? The options are endless!

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P-GTS-100XScrew - Pickguard, Package of 100 (Package of 100)
Colors Available:

Pick guard screws, phillips, ovalhead. Great for mounting countersunk pickguards, control plates, etc.

  • 7/16” threaded portion
  • Available in Black, Gold, Nickel, and Chrome plating
  • Package of 100

Starting at $5.25
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P-PGA1Pickguard Screws - Fender®, Set of 24

Original Fender pickguard screws. Package of 24.

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P-PG15XPickguard - Fender®, Vintage '57 Strat, 8-Hole
Colors Available:

Fits vintage 1957 Stratocasters

Starting at $18.95
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S-H118Screw - Fender®, Pickup Mounting, for P-Bass & J-Bass
4X1.25, package of 12.
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P-G103Pickguard - P-Bass, 3-Ply, Black/White/Black
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P-PG12-SHIELDPickguard Shield - Fender®, for '62 Strat

Original Fender® pickguard hum shield for '62 Strat.

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P-PG12MGPickguard - Fender, Vintage '62 Strat, 11-Hole, Mint Green
Original Fender® pickguard replacement, '62 Mint Green, 3-ply MG/B/MG 11-Hole.
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P-PG16BPickguard - Fender®, '52 Tele, 5-Hole, Black

Original Fender® replacement pickguard for '52 Tele, 1 ply, 5 hole, black.

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P-PG19XPickguard - Fender®, '62 P-Bass, 4-Ply
Colors Available:

Original Fender® pickguard replacement for 62' P-Bass, 4-ply. Multiple color options available.

Starting at $27.95
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P-PG14XPickguard - Fender®, for American Telecaster, 8-hole
Colors Available:
Fits most American Telecasters
Starting at $22.95
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