Enclosures / Chassis

P-H1590BBX-PD2 Chassis Box - 1590BB, Diecast, 4.71" x 3.70" x 1.18", Predrilled
Colors Available:
Predrilled 1590BB enclosures. Measures 4.71" x 3.70" x 1.18" deep. These enclosures come drilled with holes for pots, footswitch and top mounted jacks.
  • Standard size footswitch mounting hole fits 12mm or 15/32” bushings
  • ⅜” mounting holes for top mounted jacks
  • Enclosed or low profile ¼” jacks recommended
  • Top mounted DC jack mounting hole fits common switched jacks such as S-H750-X and P-JBLB-IN-S
  • 8mm potentiometer mounting holes fit a variety of different pot sizes but 16mm pots are recommended.
Starting at $9.95
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