Driver - Eminence®, 1", PSD 2013, 85W

Driver - Eminence®, 1", PSD 2013, 85W image 1
Driver - Eminence®, 1", PSD 2013, 85W image 2
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Driver - Eminence®, 1", PSD 2013, 85W image 1Driver - Eminence®, 1", PSD 2013, 85W image 2
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Driver - Eminence®, 1", PSD 2013, 85W

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Special Order Item

HF compression driver, 1" throat and ceramic magnet. 85W power rating

RoHS Compliant
Item ID:
Part Numbers
ImpedanceOur Part NumberUPC/EANPSD Part Number
8 ΩP-A-PSD-2013-88763580021912013-16
16 ΩP-A-PSD-2013-168763580022142013-16
Product Measurements by Type
D.C. Resistance (Re) 16 Ω versionP-A-PSD-2013-166.80 Ω
Depth16 Ω versionP-A-PSD-2013-162.30 in.
Diaphragm Material16 Ω versionP-A-PSD-2013-16Titanium
Driver Volume Displaced16 Ω versionP-A-PSD-2013-160.50 liters
Impedance, minimum16 Ω versionP-A-PSD-2013-168.7 Ω @ 5.3 kHz
Magnet Material16 Ω versionP-A-PSD-2013-16Ferrite
Magnet Weight16 Ω versionP-A-PSD-2013-1634.0 oz.
Mounting Hole Bolt Circle Diameter16 Ω versionP-A-PSD-2013-1676.2 mm
Mounting Hole Diameter16 Ω versionP-A-PSD-2013-162 × 1/4-20
Overall Diameter16 Ω versionP-A-PSD-2013-16133.40 mm
Power Rating16 Ω versionP-A-PSD-2013-1685 W (AES)
Recommended Crossover16 Ω versionP-A-PSD-2013-161.5 kHz / 12 dBkHz
Resonance16 Ω versionP-A-PSD-2013-160.43 kHz
Sensitivity16 Ω versionP-A-PSD-2013-16108.30 dB
Throat Size16 Ω versionP-A-PSD-2013-1625.4 mm
Usable Frequency Range16 Ω versionP-A-PSD-2013-161.5 kHz - 20 kHz
Voice Coil Diameter16 Ω versionP-A-PSD-2013-162 in.
Voice Coil Former16 Ω versionP-A-PSD-2013-16Polymide
Packaging Information
Packaging Dimensions6.5 in. × 6 in. × 2.75 in.
Weight (Packaging)5.9 lbs.
Product Measurements by Item
P-A-PSD-2013-16 - 16 Ω versionD.C. Resistance (Re) 6.80 Ω
Depth2.30 in.
Diaphragm MaterialTitanium
Driver Volume Displaced0.50 liters
Impedance, minimum8.7 Ω @ 5.3 kHz
Magnet MaterialFerrite
Magnet Weight34.0 oz.
Mounting Hole Bolt Circle Diameter76.2 mm
Mounting Hole Diameter2 × 1/4-20
Overall Diameter133.40 mm
Power Rating85 W (AES)
Recommended Crossover1.5 kHz / 12 dBkHz
Resonance0.43 kHz
Sensitivity108.30 dB
Throat Size25.4 mm
Usable Frequency Range1.5 kHz - 20 kHz
Voice Coil Diameter2 in.
Voice Coil FormerPolymide

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