Capacitor - Solen, 250V, "Fast", Metalized Polypropylene

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Capacitor - Solen, 250V, "Fast", Metalized Polypropylene

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Made of the highest quality aluminum metalized polypropylene film available. Made in France.

Solen "Fast" metallized film capacitors use the maximum lowest possible resistivity metallized layer for a given film thickness which is vacuum deposited on a biaxially oriented polypropylene film. The FAST CAPACITOR ™ concept is mainly obtained by decreasing the film width from the standard round tubular winding type configuration to a shorter FAST tubular “square aspect ratio” round winding type which decrease the winding resistivity and also increase the contact area.

This superior concept significantly improved the electrical and mechanical characteristics of the film capacitor. They deliver a high level of performance that has never before been achieved, which will directly enhance the efficiency of any electronic or electrical equipment. SOLEN polypropylene metallized FAST CAPACITOR™ outperform any other similar capacitors: multi sections, segmented, oval, stacked, ordinary or otherwise, due to unique short length, large diameter, FAST design.

They have lower dielectric absorption factor, lower equivalent series resistance, lower inductance, higher resonant frequency, more linear impedance, lower dissipation factor, higher current capacity, faster rise time, unrivalled handling of fast high current pulse, high temperature stability, excellent long term electrical and mechanical reliability and a better damped mechanical self resonance under dynamic signal conditions.

RoHS Compliant
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Part Numbers
Capacitance - µFOur Part NumberUPC/EAN
1 µFC-FT1-250609722132480
2.2 µFC-FT2D2-250609722132497
3.3 µFC-FT3D3-250609722132503
4.7 µFC-FT4D7-250609722132510
5.1 µFC-FT5D1-250609722132527
10 µFC-FT10-250609722132541
15 µFC-FT15-250609722132558
22 µFC-FT22-250609722132565
47 µFC-FT47-250609722132572
Product Measurements
Diameter1 µF version0.4 in.
2.2 µF version0.49 in.
3.3 µF version0.58 in.
4.7 µF version0.64 in.
5.1 µF version0.64 in.
10 µF version0.83 in.
15 µF version0.98 in.
22 µF version1.09 in.
47 µF version1.37 in.
Dielectricpolypropylene film
Dielectric Absorption Factor≤ .05 % @ 20 °C.
Dielectric Constant (Er)2.1ε
Dielectric Thickness6 µm
Insulation Resistance≥ 100,000 MΩ @ 20°C
Item Length1 µF version0.87 in.
2.2 µF version1.06 in.
3.3 µF version1.12 in.
4.7 µF version1.1 in.
5.1 µF version1.25 in.
10 µF version1.34 in.
15 µF version1.49 in.
22 µF version1.74 in.
47 µF version2.15 in.
Lead Typeaxial
Rated Voltage250 VDC / 150 VAC
Self Inductance< 12 nH
Temperature Rating-55°C to 85°C
Winding Typetubular "square aspect ratio"
Packaging Information
Packaging Dimensions1 µF version3.3 in. × 0.4 in. × 0.4 in.
2.2 µF version3.5 in. × 0.5 in. × 0.5 in.
3.3 µF version3.5 in. × 0.6 in. × 0.6 in.
4.7 µF version4 in. × 0.7 in. × 0.7 in.
5.1 µF version3.8 in. × 0.7 in. × 0.7 in.
10 µF version4.3 in. × 0.9 in. × 0.9 in.
15 µF version4.5 in. × 1 in. × 1 in.
22 µF version5 in. × 1.1 in. × 1.1 in.
47 µF version6 in. × 1.4 in. × 1.4 in.
Weight (Packaging)1 µF version0.005 lbs.
2.2 µF version0.01 lbs.
3.3 µF version0.013 lbs.
4.7 µF version0.019 lbs.
5.1 µF version0.017 lbs.
10 µF version0.034 lbs.
15 µF version0.045 lbs.
22 µF version0.065 lbs.
47 µF version0.164 lbs.

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Asked by Anonymous on September 15th, 2017.
Matt H
September 19th, 2017
Unfortunately we do not know which end has the outside foil. If you have access to an oscilloscope then this can be determined. Do an internet search for, "capacitor outside foil test."

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