Analog Switch IC - DG212CJ, for Marshall, Quad SPST, 16-Pin DIP

Analog Switch IC - DG212CJ, for Marshall, Quad SPST, 16-Pin DIP image 1
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Analog Switch IC - DG212CJ, for Marshall, Quad SPST, 16-Pin DIP

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DG212CJ, used in certain Marshall amplifiers. The DG212 are low cost quad single-pole single-throw analog switches for use in general purpose switching applications in communication, instrumentation and process control.

The use of both p- and n-channel devices minimizes on-resistance variation over the analog signal range. Designed with the Siliconix PLUS-40 CMOS process to combine low power dissipation with a high breakdown voltage rating of 40 V, the switch will handle ±15V input signals with ease, and has a continuous current rating of 20 mA. An epitaxial layer prevents latchup.

The device features true bi-directional performance (with no offset voltage) in the on condition, and will block signals to 30V peak-to-peak in the off condition.

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Product Measurements
Analog signal range (VANALOG)-15 V to 15 V
Channel-to-channel Crosstalk (XTALK)90 dB
Channel On Capacitance (CON)16 pF
Continuous Current, S or D20 mA
Current, any Terminal except S or D30 mA
Drain-Source On-Resistance (rDS(on))≤ 250 Ω, 115 Ω typical
Drain-off Capacitance (CD(off))5 pF
Drain-off Leakage Current (ID(off))-5 nA to 5 nA
Drain-on Leakage Current (ID(on))-5 nA to 5 nA
Input Current, Input Voltage High (IINH)-1 μA
Input Current, Input Voltage Low(IINL)-1 μA
Logic Supply Current (IL)0.5 mA typical, ≤ 1.2 mA
Off Isolation70 dB
Peak Current, S or D70 mA
Positive Supply Current (i+)≤ 0.48 mA, 0.35 mA typical
Power Dissipation (PD)470 mW
Source-off Capacitance (CS(off))5 pF
Source Off Leakage Current (IS(off))-5 nA to 5 nA
Supply Current, negative (ICC-)≤ 0.48 mA, 0.3 mA typical
Temperature Rating0°C to 70°C
Turn-off Time (toff)≤ 500 ns, 360 ns typical
Turn-on Time (ton)≤ 1,000 ns, 460 ns typical
V+ to Gnd25 V
V+ to V-44 V
V0 to Gnd-25 V
VL to GND-0.3 V, 25 V
VS or VD to V+0, -40 V
VS or VD to V-0, 40 V
storage temperature (Tstg)-65°C to 125°C
Packaging Information
Packaging Dimensions1 in. × 0.215 in. × 0.173 in.
Weight (Packaging)0.002 lbs.

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