Amplifier Parts

F-Z-KIT Fuse Set - Fast and Slow Blow, 0.25" x 1.25", 8 types, 20 each
Package of 160
Fuse kit, fast and slow blow. Contains the following fuses:
  • 20x Slo-Blo, 2 Amp F-Z3AG-S2
  • 20x Slo-Blo, 3 Amp F-Z3AG-S3
  • 20x Slo-Blo, 1 Amp F-Z3AG-S1
  • 20x Slo-Blo, 4 Amp F-Z3AG-S4
  • 20x Slo-Blo, 5 Amp F-Z3AG-S5
  • 20x Fast-Blo, 2.5 Amp F-Z3AG-F2D5
  • 20x Fast-Blo, 1 Amp F-Z3AG-F1
  • 20x Fast-Blo, 3 Amp F-Z3AG-F3
P-HW10 Caster - Peavey, Pop Out Swivel set
Package of 4
Peavey Pop Out Swivel Caster Set
  • Allows you to remove wheels when necessary
  • Four recessed mounting brackets, four ball-bearing swivel wheels and twelve black anodized Phillips wood screws are included
  • Caster has maximum load capacity of 80 lbs
  • Clam shell packaging
  • Weight Unpacked: 2.07 lb(0.94 kg)
  • Weight Packed: 2.19 lb(0.993 kg)
  • Width Packed: 5.875"(14.9225 cm)
  • Height Packed: 9"(22.86 cm)
  • Depth Packed: 2.875"(7.3025 cm)
P-L_ALL Jewel - Fender Style, Set of 9, for indicator lights
Package of 8
    P-42 Dial Lamp - #42, T-3-¼, 3.2V, .35A, Screw Base
    Package of 10
    Package of 10.
    P-H350 Handle Hinge - Nickel, metal construction, Lift Off
    Metal lift-off hinge. 0.17" mounting hole diameter for use with #8 screws.
    P-HC-10 Amp Cover - For Fender Vintage Silverface Champ
    Vintage style using only the finest tolex available.
    • Height: 14"
    • Width: 17"
    • Depth: 7"
    P-HCF-103 Amp Cover - Fender®, for '59 Bassman
    For '59 Bassman, Blues Deville 410 (fits all), brown. Dimensions: Height: 22" Width: 23 ½" Depth: 10" top, 11" bottom
    S-H218 Fuse Holder - 3AG-Type, Tweed Style, Right Angle Spade Lug
    Panel mount 3AG fuse holder with spade lug connectors. This fuse holder matches the style of vintage tweed amps and is a great replacement for original amps or new builds. Mounting nut and rubber washer included.
    Note: The spade lugs have a detent rather than a hole.
    P-55 Dial Lamp - #55, G-4-½, 7.0V, .41A, Bayonet Base
    Package of 10
    Long life general replacement lamps for dials, indicators, etc. Sold in packages of 10. Replacement for Fender ®.
    P-H721 Panel - aluminum, front, for Super Reverb
    Basic front panel for Super Reverb. Material is .032" aluminum.
    P-HCF-101 Amp Cover - Fender®, for 65 Twin Reverb Reissue
    Amplifier cover for '65 Twin Reverb Reissue, black
    On Backorder
    P-HCF-105 Amp Cover - Fender, For Blues Jr., Brown
    Protect your investment with a fitted Genuine Fender amplifier cover. Designed to fit your Blues Jr. and Blues Jr III perfectly.
    • Blank brown nylon cover
    • Designed to fit Blues Junior™ and Blues Junior™ III amplifiers (1996-present)
    • Height: 16" (40.64 cm)
    • Width: 18" (45.72 cm)
    • Depth: 9.18" (23.31 cm)
    On Backorder
    S-H252 Piggyback Hardware - Fender, Clip Bars
    Package of 2
    Pure Vintage Piggyback Clip Bars
    • Set of two chrome-plated clip bars used to mount "piggyback"-style amplifier heads to amplifier cabinets
    • Includes all mounting hardware, including tee nuts, ribbon springs and mounting screws
    • Introduced on Blonde and Blackface™ era amplifiers
    • Used on Tone-Master® 212, Super-Sonic™ 212 and Super-Sonic 60 speaker enclosures
    P-HC-2 Amp Cover - For Fender 65 Deluxe Reverb
    Vintage style using only the finest tolex available.
    • Height: 17"
    • Width: 25"
    • Depth: 9.5"
    P-HC-7 Amp Cover - For Marshall Straight 4x12 Cab
    Vintage style using only the finest tolex available.
    • Height: 29"
    • Width: 30"
    • Depth: 14"
    S-H217 Fuse Block - For GMA / GMD Fuses, Low Profile
    Open frame fuse block for GMA or GMD 5×20mm size fuses with a low profile design that features solder terminals made of tin plated brass. A unique design feature provides self-alignment of the clips to the fuse caps. This feature, plus a one-piece clip/terminal design, assures low contact resistance.
    P-H295-S Handle - Marshall Style, Black Vintage, Silver Ends, Large
    Large Marshall style, vintage type large plastic handle with silver ends. Caps sold separately.
    S-H207 Fuse Cap - PCB Mounting, Universal, GMA
    PCB Mount Fuse Cap.
    • 1.31” x 0.42”
    • Takes GMA sized fuse
    P-48 Dial Lamp - #48, T-3-¼, 2.0V, .06A, Screw Base
    Package of 10
    Package of 10. Long life general replacement lamps for dials, indicators, etc. Size T-3 1/4 Volts 2.0 Amps 0.06 Candle Power 0.04 Filament Shape C-2R Average Life 1,000 Lamp Number 48 Lamp Type Screw
    P-H212-A Panel - Yellow Zinc, replacement for Marshall JCM800
    Back metal panel used on Marshall JCM800, the British Style 800, and the British Style 900 series amps. 27" x 7.125".
    P-HCM-203 Amp Cover - Marshall, for Straight 4x12 Cabs
    Fits straight 4 X 12 cabinets.
    Vinyl Cover for Marshall 1960B Straight-front Cabinet, with Piping and Marshall Logo
    P-H210 Vent - Marshall, for top, metal construction
    Genuine Marshall™ top metal vent. 16 7/8" x 2 ¼".
    On Backorder
    P-H720 Panel - aluminum, front, for Deluxe Reverb
    Basic front panel for Deluxe Reverb. Material is.032" aluminum.
    P-HCO-CAB Amp Cover - Orange, for Cabinets and Combos
    Orange™ cabinet/combo covers. An essential purchase for when flight casing your cab or combo isn’t possible. Protect your Orange rig with a tough and durable vinyl fabric cabinet cover displaying the Orange logo.
    • Standard 1x12 fits RK30TC / CR60C / CVR-112 Combo
    • Standard 2x12 fits AD30TC / RK50C / CR120
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