Amplifier Parts

P-H1099 Corner - Black Steel, 3-Hole, 18 Gauge
3-leg black, standard. 18 gauge steel, ½" radius. Sold individually.
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Originally: $0.99
P-H251 Foot - Peavey, Metal Glide, 1.56" x 0.46"
Peavey metal glide feet, set of four with mounting screws included. Allows movement of heavy cabinets along the floor without damaging the cabinet. Rubber inserts cushion the load during transport. 1.56" diameter x 0.46" height (with rubber insert).
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Originally: $5.25
P-H9550 Foot - Rubber, 1.5" x 1.1875", with Metal Washer, Single
1 ½" diameter x 1 3/16" high with metal washer. Sold individually.
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Originally: $0.99
P-HW12 Caster - Small Swivel, 2", 4 Screw Mount
Small swivel caster with a black wheel having 50mm diameter x 21mm width. Four ¼" diameter mounting holes. Mounting hardware not included.
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Originally: $3.40
P-HSGA1 Clamp - Speaker Grill Mount, Plastic
Black plastic clamp for mounting speaker grills. Sold individually, mounting hardware not included.
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Originally: $0.65
P-H341 Chassis Strap - Medium, 4.63" Long, Nickel
Generic amp chassis straps. Nickel. Medium. Total Length: 4.63", Center to center: 4.00" Screws are not included. Sold individually
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Originally: $1.95
P-81 Dial Lamp - #81, G-6, 6.5V, 1.02A, Bayonet Base
Long life general replacement lamps for dials, indicators, etc.
Sold individually.
Candle Power
Filament Shape
Average Life
Lamp Number
Lamp Type
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Originally: $1.50
P-H266 Corner - Black Plastic, 4-Hole, Small, Heavy Duty, Chevron
Plastic, small chevron stacking corners, 4 mm countersunk holes. Approximately 2-2/5" high, sides are 2" wide, ½" radius. Sold individually.
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Originally: $0.70
P-H295-CMP Handle Inner Clamp - for Marshall Old Style Handle
Old style inner clamp. Sold individually.
Screws not included
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Originally: $0.95
P-H298 Corner - Fender, Steel, 3-Hole, 4 Corners, Screws
Pure Vintage 3-screw mount amplifier corners
  • Set of four nickel-plated replacement amplifier corners for effective amplifier protection
  • Includes 12 mounting screws
  • Used on Cyber-Champ, Stage™ 100/112SE, Ultimate™ Chorus, Princeton® 65 DSP/650, GE-112, Tone Master™ enclosures, Vibro-King® 212, Deluxe™ 90 DSP/900, Acoustasonic™ SFX II, Stage™ 1000/1600, Super-Sonic™ enclosures, Bassman® enclosures, Acoustasonic Ultralight enclosures, Rumble™ enclosures, Band-Master® VM enclosures and Cyber-Twin® amplifiers
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Originally: $6.65
P-H711 Capacitor Cover - Fender®, for Reissue Vibroverb
Capacitor cover for Fender ® Reissue Vibroverb. Mounting centers are 5.75" x 3". Measurements are 5 ¾" x 3" x 1 ¼"
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Originally: $22.95
P-H267 Corner - Black Plastic, 4-Hole, Large, Heavy Duty, Chevron
Heavy duty plastic, large stacking chevron corner. Ideal for carpet covered cabinets. Approximately 3-¼" high, sides are 2" wide, ½" radius. Sold individually.
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Originally: $1.25
P-H295 Handle - Marshall Style, Black, Gold Ends, Vintage Strap, Large
Vintage strap. Large black. Inner clamp and end caps sold separately. See P-H295-CMP for inner clamp. See P-H295-GC for end cap.
  • Center to center: 9.875"
  • Overall length: 11.25"
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Originally: $10.92
S-H100 Screw - 1", Flat Head, Stainless Steel
(Package of 4)
1" stainless steel Phillips flat head screw.
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Originally: $1.40
S-HSM4D7-20 Screw - M4 x 0.70, Phillips, Pan Head, Stainless Steel, Machine
(Package of 4)
(Metric Threading: M4 x 0.70) - 20 mm long
P-H280 Handle - Ampeg Style, Blue Vintage, White Stitching
Vintage Ampeg style amp handle, center to center measurement is 7 3/8".
See S-H105 for compatible screws and T-nuts.
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Originally: $12.50
P-H314 Handle - Ampeg Style, Red Vintage, White Stitching
Vintage Ampeg style amp handle, center to center measurement is 7 3/8". See S-H105 for compatible screws and T-nuts.
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Originally: $10.98
P-H712 Capacitor Cover - Fender®, for Bassman
Capacitor cover for Fender® Bassman. Mounting center are 5" x 3". Measurements are 5" x 3" x 1 ½".
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Originally: $14.75
S-HSM6-1X30 Screw - 1x30, Phillips, Pan Head, Zinc
(Package of 5)
Phillips pan head machine screw, 1 x 30.
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Originally: $1.75
P-H350 Handle Hinge - Nickel, Lift Off
Metal lift-off hinge. 0.17" mounting hole diameter for use with #8 screws. Mounting hardware not included.
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Originally: $1.95
P-H295-SC Handle Cap - Marshall Style, Silver
Silver cap for Marshall vintage style handles. Sold individually.
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Originally: $1.50
K-SNUB1 Snubber Kit - For Use With Two EL84 Tubes
Snubber parts kit for circuits with (2) EL84 tubes
x2 RQ3K - 3K Ohms 5 Watt power resistor
x2 R-B8D2M - 8.2Meg Ohms 1 Watt resistor
x2 RD0047-600 - 0.0047uF 600 Volt Orange Drop Capacitor
Summary Written by Dave Zimmerman - Maven Peal Amplifiers
The "Snubber" circuit was published in the "Radiotron Designers Handbook" in the 1930s and is supposed to serve as a "[sonically transparent] shock absorber" to remove unwanted high frequencies and dangerously high voltages resulting from output transformer ringing, without the "brick wall" effect of using diodes.  "Output transformer ringing often so
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Originally: $8.25
P-H295-S Handle - Marshall Style, Black Vintage, Silver Ends, Large
Large Marshall style, vintage type large plastic handle with silver ends. Caps sold separately.
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Originally: $13.12
P-H300-TOP Hardware - Top for Suitcase Type Latch
Suitcase Type Latch Top. The top is flat with two holes completely hidden. Mates with P-H300.
Save 9%
Originally: $0.75
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