Amplifier Parts

P-H280 Handle - Ampeg Style, Blue Vintage, White Stitching
Vintage Ampeg style amp handle, center to center measurement is 7 3/8".
See S-H105 for compatible screws and T-nuts.
P-H298 Corners - Fender, for amplifier, Steel, 3-Hole with hardware
Package of 4
Pure Vintage 3-screw mount amplifier corners
  • Set of four nickel-plated replacement amplifier corners for effective amplifier protection
  • Includes 12 mounting screws
  • Used on Cyber-Champ, Stage™ 100/112SE, Ultimate™ Chorus, Princeton® 65 DSP/650, GE-112, Tone Master™ enclosures, Vibro-King® 212, Deluxe™ 90 DSP/900, Acoustasonic™ SFX II, Stage™ 1000/1600, Super-Sonic™ enclosures, Bassman® enclosures, Acoustasonic Ultralight enclosures, Rumble™ enclosures, Band-Master® VM enclosures and Cyber-Twin® amplifiers
P-HC-5 Amp Cover - For Marshall Full Size Amp Head
Vintage style using only the finest tolex available.
  • Height: 11"
  • Width: 30"
  • Depth: 9"
P-L_ALL Jewel - Fender Style, Set of 8, for indicator lights
Package of 8
    P-H251 Foot - Peavey, Metal Glide, 1.56" x 0.46"
    Package of 4
    Peavey metal glide feet, set of four with mounting screws included. Allows movement of heavy cabinets along the floor without damaging the cabinet. Rubber inserts cushion the load during transport. 1.56" diameter x 0.46" height (with rubber insert).
    P-H720 Panel - aluminum, front, for Deluxe Reverb
    Basic front panel for Deluxe Reverb. Material is.032" aluminum.
    P-H9600 Foot - Rubber, 1.5" diameter x .425" tall
    Rubber foot. 1.5" diameter x 0.425" height. 0.175" diameter mounting hole for use with #8 screws. (Sold individually, mounting hardware not included).
    P-HSGA1 Clamp - Speaker Grill Mount, Plastic
    Black plastic clamp for mounting speaker grills. Sold individually, mounting hardware not included.
    P-HW04 Caster Cups - Marshall, for 1960B and Other Cabinets, set of 4
    Package of 4
    Original Marshall black plastic top insert (caster cups). Used on 1960B and other cabinets. Package of 4 includes 16 gold rivets.
    S-H251 Piggyback Hardware - Fender, Thumb Screws
    Package of 2
    Thumb screws. Package of two. Fender part number: 099-0720-000
    On Backorder
    P-H261-SET Handle - Black strap, Silver Caps and mounting hardware
    P-H261 with mounting hardware Includes:
    • (1) P-H261
    • (1) S-HS1032-1F
    • (1) S-HTN1032
    P-H312 Handle - Black plastic strap, Black Caps, adjustable 8" - 8.75"
    Black plastic handle with black end caps. Mounting centers adjustable from 8" to 8.75". 9 5/8" handle length without end caps. Screws not included.
    P-H355 Handle - Marshall Style, Black Plastic, Nickel Hardware
    Marshall style amp handle. Black plastic handle with two nickel end caps and two inner clamps for mounting. 9 3/4" center to center mounting slots.
    P-HC-11 Amp Cover - Replacement for Fender® Princeton Reverb
    Vintage style using only the finest tolex available.
    • Height: 16"
    • Width: 20.5"
    • Depth: 9"
    S-M604 Logo - Marshall, Gold, 100, for cabinets
    Original Marshall™ '100' logo.
    • Fits 1960HW cab
    • Gold lettering on white plastic.

    This logo is the 3-pin version:
    • Center to center pin spacing between the first two digits = 15/16''
    • Center to center pin spacing between the second two digits = 1''

    Not for resale. For repair or replacement only.
    A maximum order of 3 is allowed.
    P-H336X Handle - Modern Style, Black Grip, Die-cast Ends
    This handle has a flexible molded black grip with two rugged die-cast mounts. There are two holes per mount for use with M4 screws. See specifications below for dimensions.
    P-H212-A Panel - Yellow Zinc, replacement for Marshall JCM800
    Back metal panel used on Marshall JCM800, the British Style 800, and the British Style 900 series amps. 27" x 7.125".
    P-HC-2 Amp Cover - For Fender 65 Deluxe Reverb
    Vintage style using only the finest tolex available.
    • Height: 17"
    • Width: 25"
    • Depth: 9.5"
    P-HCF-101 Amp Cover - Fender®, for 65 Twin Reverb Reissue
    For '65 Twin Reverb Reissue, black
    S-M919 Logo - Ampeg, Script, silver metal for amps
    Genuine Ampeg™ Script Logo
    On Backorder
    P-H1086N Corner - Steel, 3-Hole, 20 Gauge, for cabinets
    11mm / 7/16" Radius, 20 Gauge Steel (Sold individually)
    P-H225 Vent - Brass, Replacement for Vox / Marshall
    Tube Amp Doctor has created an exact replica of the vents used on Vox® amps and the Marshall® Super PA. These high quality brass ventilation grills are hand crafted. Measures 0.720" x 4.805".
    P-H9550 Foot - Rubber, 1.5" diameter x 1.9" tall, with metal washer
    1 ½" diameter x 1 3/16" high with metal washer. Sold individually.
    P-81 Dial Lamp - #81, G-6, 6.5V, 1.02A, Bayonet Base
    Long life general replacement lamps for dials, indicators, etc. Sold individually.
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