Amplifier Parts

P-H9300-A Foot - Rubber, 1.5" x .75", with Steel Washer
High quality large rubber feet with steel washer inserts. These feet are made of a durable textured rubber. The diameter is 1.5” and the height is .75”.
package of 4
P-H263-X Handle - Fender Style, Strap, 6.5” Spacing
Colors Available:
High quality replacement handle for vintage Fender amps. Will work on other amps as well. Mounts and screws not included (see P-H282A and S-H105). Center to center measurement is 6-½".
S-HSB6-X Screw - 6-32, Phillips, Round Head, Machine, Brass
6-32 Phillips round head machine screws made of solid brass. These brass round head screws visually match the screws found on vintage Marshall amplifiers. They are a great choice for restoration or replica builds. The 6-32 size works in place of original M3.5 screws that were used for the rotary selector switches, octal sockets, capacitor clamps, and chokes. These will also work well in many other types of projects. Brass round head screws are available in the following sizes: Diameter/TPI SKU 4-40 S-HSB4-X 6-32 S-HSB6-X 8-32 S-HSB8-12 Pairs with S-HBNX brass nuts and S-HLWX-B lock washers. S-HBWX flat washers are also available.
Starting at $2.19
package of 5
P-H327 Handle - black strap, Diamond Pattern
Vox style black plastic handle with diamond pattern and brackets. Center to center measurement is 6 1/4".
See S-H105 for compatible screws and T-nuts.
P-HTUR-60 Turret Board - 2mm, Loaded with 60 Turrets, 300mm x 60mm
300mm x 60mm turret board conveniently pre-loaded with 2 rows of 30 turrets. Save yourself some time loading the board and move on to building your project!
  • Accepts 2mm turrets.
S-HTUR-PR-BI-3S Turrets - Bifurcated, Brass, Premium, for use on 3mm boards
High quality bifurcated (slotted) turrets with a hollow post. These terminals are made of annealed brass with a 100% tin over nickel plating. These slotted turrets closely resemble those found in vintage Marshall amps.
  • Triple turret with slot
  • 9.12mm height when installed
  • 3.18mm diameter
  • For 3.0mm to 3.2mm panel thickness
  • Recommended for mounting holes sized 2.68mm to 2.78mm
  • Bright 100% tin finish
  • Knurled underside of shoulder to prevent rotation once swaged

Stake and anvil required for mounting.
  • Staking Tool is our part number: S-T1715
  • Anvil is our part number S-T1717
  • For a budget tool set see S-T-STAKE-SET
package of 10
P-1210 Contact Pin - Nickel Plated Brass, Seamless, 0.566" Height
0.125" diameter nickel plated brass contact pin. Fits .062" and .093" boards. Height is .566" when mounted. In addition to turret board use, these pin connectors are often found on printed circuit boards. They are referred to as through hole terminal pins, header pins, or crimp contact pins.
P-H1098 Corner - Black Steel, 2-Hole, 18 Gauge, Wraparound, Lip
2-leg black, wraparound with lip. 18 gauge steel, ½" radius. Sold individually.
P-H250 Foot - Fender, vintage Sphinx Glides
Keep your amplifier protected and looking great by replacing missing or damaged feet with new genuine Fender nickel-plated "Sphinx Glide" amplifier feet. Metal amplifier cabinet glide feet with rubber bushings and mounting screws. Fender part number: 099-3900-000
package of 4
S-M912 Logo - Fender, Blackface, silver on black
Revive the look of your vintage-style or modern Fender amp with a genuine Fender amplifier logo.
  • Genuine Fender Blackface amplifier logo
  • Mounting screws included
  • Designed for Super-Sonic™ series, ’94 Twin-Amp™, Pro Reverb™, Prosonic™, Concert Reverb™, ’65 Twin Reverb®, ’65 Deluxe Reverb®, ’65 Super Reverb®, Machete™, ’65 Princeton® Reverb, ’64 Vibroverb™, ’68 Custom Princeton, ’68 Custom Twin Reverb, ’68 Custom Deluxe Reverb, Steel King, Jazz-King™, Cyber Twin®, VM series, Princeton Recording Amp, Bassman® Pro series, Stage™ 1000, Deluxe™ 900 and Princeton 650 amplifiers plus others.
P-L14-6-CLIP Indicator Light Clip - Marshall, for securing lights
Clip for square Marshall indicator lights - used to secure the indicator lights in place
S-HS1032-X Screw - 10-32, Phillips, Pan Head, Machine, Zinc, fine thread
Phillips panhead machine screw, 10-32, zinc. Phillips panhead machine screw, 4-40, zinc. Designed to go through a hole or nut that is pre-tapped to form a mating thread for the screw. Has a general purpose bearing area and can be substituted in most applications for round, truss, or binding heads. Phillips drive is the most common drive used and is designed to "camout" when the screw reaches optimum tightness, thus preventing damage to the screw head.
Starting at $1.15
package of 5
P-H1080N Corner - Steel, 3-Hole, 18 Gauge, for vinyl/carpeted cabinets
Industry standard 3-leg back side corner cover for vinyl or carpet covered cabinets. 18 gauge steel, 1/2" radius. Sold individually. See S-H101 for mounting hardware.
P-H281-BS Handle - Ampeg Style, Black Vintage, Black Stitching
Vintage Ampeg style amp handle, center to center measurement is 7 3/8".
See S-H105 for compatible screws and T-nuts.
P-HTUR-216-BRN Turret Board - Blank, 216 Holes, 10 ⅛” x 3”, Phenolic
Vintage style phenolic turret boards with a 3mm thickness. The phenolic material matches the appearance and construction of those used in classic amplifiers from Marshall and others. These boards are made of the highest grade phenolic material and are rated for high voltage applications. They have a high mechanical strength in addition to their high dielectric strength making them the perfect candidate for turret board based tube amplifiers.
This 216 hole version has 8 rows and 27 columns. This size can be found in vintage Marshall amps such as various revisions of the JTM45 and 50W JMP amps.
Complete the vintage turret board look with S-HTUR-PR-BI-3S turrets.
S-HPOH8-X Screw - #8, Phillips, Oval Head, Wood, Nickel-plated
#8 Phillips drive wood screws made of nickel plated steel. This style of oval head screw is commonly used on Fender® blackface and silverface speaker cabinets to secure the back panel. They are also used to attach baffle boards on amps from this era. They are also the same type used for securing strap buttons as well as for mounting necks on Telecaster®, Stratocaster®, and other Fender® guitars.
Starting at $2.15
package of 4
P-H254-SINGLE Foot - Chrome Glides, 1" diameter
High quality chrome glides with a 1 inch diameter and 0.36 inch height. The mounting hole diameter is 0.16 inches. These glides are a close match to the original Sphinx glides used on 60s Fender® amps. Sold individually.
P-1361-2 Terminal Pin - PCB Mount, 0.05” Diameter, 0.25” Length
PCB mount terminal pin made of tinned brass. This pin fits 0.064” mounting holes and can be swage or solder mounted. The pin diameter is 0.05” and has a total length of 0.25” when mounted. Great for connecting offboard wiring by soldering directly to the pin or using an appropriate connector.
S-HTNX Nut - T-Nut, Zinc, for fastening metal to wood or plastic
Zinc t-nut. Used for fastening metal to products made of wood, particle board or plastic. Low carbon steel. Package of 5. Multiple sizes available.
Starting at $1.15
package of 5
P-HBOARD-G10-X Turret Board - Blank, No Holes, Black G-10, 11-⅞" x 7-1/16”
Oversized blank G-10 epoxy boards perfect for custom turret or eyelet boards. The large size can be cut down to make multiple boards. With no predilled holes, builders can make clean custom layouts for their projects.
Starting at $9.95
P-L190-X Indicator Light - Bakelite, Soviet, Incandescent, 9V
Colors Available:
New-old-stock Soviet pilot lights that operate on 9V. These lights have a unique bakelite frame and metal bezel. The lights come with a 9V bulb but can be used with any voltage bulb that fits this type of socket. The diameter of the light is 12mm and the diameter of the mounting hole is 8.1mm. Includes a wavy washer and knurled nut. Note: There can be small differences in the appearance and tint of the lens and color of the bakelite. A small 0.1” notch must either be filed into the 0.625” mounting hole or filed off of the fuse to flush mount with a panel. The small bulbs can come loose during shipping and reseating the bulb is recommended before use.
P-H9800 Foot - Synthetic Rubber, 0.51" Height x 1.60" Diameter
Set of four, black, synthetic rubber feet. Molded from one piece with a textured no-slip surface.
package of 4
S-H216 Receptacle - IEC C14, Panel Mount, Fuse Holder, 10A, 250VAC
Plastic IEC C14 connector for power entry. This power receptacle mounts with two screw holes which are counterunk for a clean look when using countersunk screws. This is a 3 prong connector for power cables with ground connections. Internal connections can be soldered into place or used with quick disconnects. This receptacle features a built-in fuse holder for 5mm x 20mm fuses. See Specifications, Files, and Documents for a datasheet with dimensions and panel cut out sizing.
P-H1095 Corner - Peavey, Black Steel, 2-Hole, Lip
Black metal, 2 hole with lip, radius ½". Sold individually.
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