Amplifier Parts

P-HCF-102 Amp Cover - Fender®, for 65 Deluxe Reverb
For '65 Deluxe Reverb, black. Dimensions: Height: 17" Width: 24 ½" Depth: 7 ½" top, 9 ¼" bottom
P-HW06 Anti-Skid Tray - Marshall, for 1960A and Other Cabinets
Original Marshall black plastic skid. Inscribed with "Marshall" logo. Used on 1960A and other cabinets. Package of one includes 6 gold rivets.
P-42 Dial Lamp - #42, T-3-¼, 3.2V, .35A, Screw Base
Package of 10
Package of 10.
P-HCF-104 Amp Cover - Fender®, for Super Reverb
For 1993 Super, 2001 Super Reverb (fits all). Fits the 2001 reissues and the original 60s amps. It might not fit on all the 70s versions. Dimensions: Height: 24" Width: 25" Depth: 9" top, 10 ½" bottom
P-43 Dial Lamp - #43, T-3-¼, 2.5V, .50A, Bayonet Base
Package of 10
Package of 10.
F-ZGMA-F Fuse - Fast-Blow, 125 or 250V, Miniature, 5mm x 20mm
Package of 5
Protect your expensive investment or hobby with inexpensive fuses. • GMA Type • Rated at 250V • Measures .78"(20mm) in length, 0.19"(5mm) in diameter • Fast-Blow • Package of 5
P-L_ALL Jewel - Fender Style, Set of 8
Package of 8
    P-H332 Handle - Fender, Black Plastic, Silver Caps, 1 screw per cap
    Pure Vintage Amplifier Handle (1-screw mount)
    • Black amplifier handle with vinyl sleeve over steel strap and one-screw mounting nickel-plated end caps
    • Includes mounting hardware (two screws and T-nuts)
    • Introduced on Blonde, Brown, and Blackface™-era Fender® amplifiers
    • Used on '65 Twin Reverb®, '65 Deluxe Reverb®, '65 Super Reverb®, '65 Princeton Reverb®, '64 Vibroverb Custom, Custom Vibrolux®, Vibro-King® 212 Enclosure, Blues Junior™, Pro Junior™, Acoustasonic™ Jr. DSP, Acoustasonic 30, Acoustasonic SFX II, Bassman® 25, Bassman 60, Jazzmaster Ultralight™ Enclosure, Princeton 650™, Cyber Champ™, Rumble™ 112, Rumble 2x8, Super-Sonic™ 100 Head, Super-Sonic Twin, Super Champ™ X2/XD, and Bullet 15 DSP amplifier
    • Fits most vintage and modern amplifiers
    • 8" center to center.
    S-M917 Logo - Fender, for Tweed amplifier
    Revive the look of your vintage-style or modern Fender amp with a genuine Fender amplifier logo.
    • Genuine Fender® tweed amp logo
    • Mounting pins included
    • Designed for
      • Pro Junior™
      • Blues Junior™
      • JazzMaster™ Ultralight
      • plus others

    Fender part number: 099-409-6000
    S-M921 Logo - Ampeg, "A" symbol, plastic
    Ampeg plastic "a" logo (mounting centers: 2 1/4" x 2 3/8")
    P-H250 Foot - Fender, vintage Sphinx Glides
    Package of 4
    Keep your amplifier protected and looking great by replacing missing or damaged feet with new genuine Fender nickel-plated "Sphinx Glide" amplifier feet. Metal amplifier cabinet glide feet with rubber bushings and mounting screws. Fender part number: 099-3900-000
    P-H9500 Foot - Rubber, 1.5" x .75", with Metal Washer
    1 ½" diameter x ¾" high with metal washer. Sold individually.
    P-L400 LED Holder - with included 3mm Red LED
    Bezel Assembly with 3mm Red LED. Required hole size: 0.25". Washer and hex nut included. LED Specifications: Color Red Lens Diam 3 mm Overall Height 5.4 mm Lens Type Diffused Luminous Intensity Min. 3.6 mCd @If (test) 10 mA Wavelngth (Peak) 568 nm V(FM) Max.(V) Forward Voltage 2.7 V @I(F) (test) 10 mA Min Operating Temp -30° Max Operating Temp 80°
    P-H1087N Corner - 2-Hole, 20 Gauge
    Corner wraps around inside edge of cabinet. Works on ¾" of wood + material thickness. Countersunk mount holes, 20 gauge, ½" radius. Sold individually.
    P-H211 Vent - Marshall, Large Plastic
    Genuine Marshall™ large plastic vent.
    Measures 17 5/8" in length and 3" in width.
    S-HMR-XG Rivets - Marshall, Gold, for fastening
    Gold rivets for fastening amplifier corners. For use on all Marshalls.
    Starting at $8.95
    P-H252 Foot - Marshall, Sprung Amplifier Head
    Package of 2
    Original Marshall™ Sprung feet. Sold in packages of 2 Screws are included
    P-H264X Chassis Strap - Fender, vintage amplifier
    Package of 2
    Multiple sizes available to fit any amplifier. Contains two straps and mounting hardware. Original Fender packaging.
    Starting at $8.75
    P-H264 Screw - 8-32 x 3.25", for Chassis Straps
    #8-32 x 3 ¼" chassis strap screw. Single piece.
    P-H301X Handle - Peavey, Black strap with metal end caps
    Cap Colors Available:
    Strap, black with black caps. Center to center mounting is 8.25".
    Starting at $5.25
    P-HCF-101 Amp Cover - Fender®, for 65 Twin
    For '65 Twin Reverb Reissue, black




    Depth (top):
    10 1/4"

    Depth (bottom):
    P-H265X Tilt Back Leg Kit - Fender
    Package of 2
    If your ears were attached to your knees, your amp would sound better, but since they usually are located on the sides of your head, Fender® has Tilt-back Legs! Secured to the sides of your amp cabinet, these legs allow you to tilt you amp back so you can hear what you're doing!
    • BF Bandmaster, BF Twin Reverb, SF Bantam Bass, SF Pro Reverb, SF Vibrosonic Reverb, Blonde Bandmaster, BlondeTwin
    • Comes with mounting hardware
    Starting at $39.50
    P-H299 Corners - Fender, for amplifier, Nickel, 2-Hole with hardware
    Package of 4
    Pure Vintage 2-screw mount amplifier, package of 4, screws included.
    • Set of four nickel-plated replacement amplifier corners for effective amplifier protection
    • Includes eight mounting screws
    • Introduced on Blonde, Brown, and Blackface™-era amplifiers
    • Used on Cyber-Champ, Stage™ 100/160/112 SE, Ultimate™ Chorus, Princeton® 65 DSP/650, GE-112 Enclosure, Tone Master® enclosure, Vibro-King® 212 enclosure, '94 Twin, Acoustasonic™ Jr. DSP, Deluxe™ 90 DSP/900, Cyber-Twin®/Cyber-Twin SE, Concert, '65 Super Reverb®, Bullet® 15 DSP, Acoustasonic SFX II, Stage 1000/1600, '65 Twin Custom® 15, Steel King™, Princeton® Recording Amp and Super-Sonic™ series amplifiers
    S-M651 Plate - Marshall, 1960 Vintage
    Original Marshall™ 1960 Vintage plate
    • Fits 1960AV and 1960BV cabinets
    • Black on gold
    • 29 x 85mm
    • Adhesive backing

    Not for resale. For repair or replacement only.
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