Amplifier Parts

P-L300X LED - 3mm diameter, diffused lens, 3.6 mCd
Colors Available:
Lens Diameter: 3 mm Overall Height: 5.4 mm Lens Type: Diffused Multiple color options available.
package of 5
P-LBL-BUILD-1 Label - display model info, vintage-style sticker
Vintage style model information label. This label has a line for a model name or number, the serial number, builder name or company, and the build date. This sticker is a great way to provide build info with a professional presentation on the chassis of a pedal or amp.
R-VTL5C1 Optocoupler - XVive, VTL5C1, Vactrol, for Channel Switching
VTL5C1 vactrols for use in amplifiers, effect pedals, synthesizers and more. The VTL5C1 was commonly used for channel switching circuits in amps made by Crate and others.
P-L130-RED Jewel - Fluted Dome Style, for lamps / bulbs, Red
Fluted dome style lamp jewels were used on vintage equipment from many manufacturers. This jewel fits the standard P-L124-P pilot light found on most Fender amps as well as the P-L110. Threading: 9/16 - 27
P-H295 Handle - Marshall Style, Black, Gold Ends, Vintage Strap, Large
Vintage strap. Large black. Inner clamp and end caps sold separately. See P-H295-CMP for inner clamp. See P-H295-GC for end cap.
  • Center to center: 9.875"
  • Overall length: 11.25"
S-H215 Fuse Holder - Clip, GMA-Type, PCB Mount
Through-hole PCB mounted fuse holder clips found in Peavey amps and other electronics. These small clips allow for minimal space fuse mourning directly on PCB’s. Fits GMA 5×20mm fuses. A pair is required to mount a fuse. Sold individually.
P-H1200 Strain Relief - for ¾" x ~\frac{27}{32}~" hole, ~\frac{5}{16}~" cord diameter
16/3 SJT, 5/16" cord diameter. These one piece Strain Relief Bushings securely anchor, absorb, and protect cables and wires from push/pull and twist forces, while insulating them from irregular or sharp panel edges. They are easily and quickly installed with special installation pliers or other hand or production tools. Black H.S. Nylon, and the temperature index is 105° Centigrade.
P-L110 Dial Lamp - Front Panel Indicator Light, Relampable
Lamp holder. Relampable front panel indicators accept a variety of T-2 and T-3 ¼ miniature bayonet lamps.
  • 11/16" chassis hole
  • Total Length = 1.755" (solder lugs included in measurement) (extends about 1.68" from front of panel to end of solder lugs)
  • Rating: 125V, 75W
  • Threading: 9/16 - 27

Available Jewels Amber P-L117 Blue P-L120 Clear P-L122 Green P-L116 Purple P-L121 Red P-L115 Violet P-L121V White P-L123
S-HTUR-PR-3S Turrets - 0.172" Long, Brass, Premium, Package of 10
Hollow Turret Terminal,Brass, .172" Long, Premium.
  • Finish/Plating: Tin
  • For Panel Thickness: .125 [3.2]
  • Material: Brass
  • Mounting Hole: 0.116
  • Terminal Length: 0.312
  • Terminal Style: Tubular Turret
  • Type: Solder Turret Terminal
  • Package of 10
package of 10
S-HBS6-516 Screw - #6 x 5/16”, Phillips, Pan Head, Sheet Metal, Stainless Steel
18-8 stainless steel sheet metal screws with blunt tips. These pan head #6 screws have a length of 5/16” and are commonly used to secure 9-pin sockets and other hardware to the chassis of blackface and silverface amps. These are also used in some tweed amps for securing the fiberboard and other hardware to the chassis. For the larger #8 blunt tip machine screws found in vintage Fender® amps, see S-HBS8-38.
package of 5
S-HBS8-38 Screw - #8 x 3/8”, Phillips, Pan Head, Sheet Metal, Stainless Steel
18-8 stainless steel sheet metal screws with blunt tips. These pan head #8 screws have a length of 3/8” and are commonly used to secure the fiberboard, capacitor pan, and other hardware to the chassis of blackface and silverface amps. For the smaller #6 blunt tip machine screws found in vintage Fender® amps, see S-HBS6-516.
package of 5
P-SP2-600 Receptacle - AC power plug with fuse holder, 10A, 250VAC
Black plastic AC power entry module with built in fuse holder. This power entry module is rated at 10A, 250VAC and fits 5mm x 20mm fuses. Mates with S-W123 & S-W124
S-HBNX Nut - Hex, Brass, Imperial Thread
Imperial threaded hex nuts made of solid brass. These brass hex nuts visually match the nuts found in vintage Marshall amplifiers. They are a great choice for restoration or replica builds. These will also work well in many other types of projects. Pairs with S-HSB4-X, S-HSB6-X, and S-HSB8-12 screws. S-HLWX-B lock washers and S-HBWX flat washers are also available.
Starting at $1.09
package of 5
S-HXFW-1N Finishing Washer - Nickel-plated Brass, Countersunk, Flush, Fender Style
Flush finishing washers made of nickel plated brass. Designed for accommodating the heads of countersunk screws. These washers provide additional bearing area on the material being fastened and can be used to give a neat, finished appearance. This design closely resembles the flush finishing washers found on earlier blackface Fender® amplifier cabinets. The #6 size is used for back panels on combo amps and heads. The #8 is used for extension cabinet back panels. For the later flanged style finishing washers used on these amps, see S-HXFW-2N.
Starting at $2.95
package of 10
P-H1086N Corner - Steel, 3-Hole, 20 Gauge, for cabinets
11mm / 7/16" Radius, 20 Gauge Steel (Sold individually)
P-H186 Washer - Rubber, Chassis Mount, ⅞" Diameter
Gum rubber chassis mounting washers as used on thirties vintage Zenith and Philco radio. Allows proper dial centering in cabinet opening. Overall dimensions 0.875" dia. x .233" thick.
P-H1315 Rubber feet - 7/16” Dome Shape, Embedded 6-32 Screw
Dome shaped rubber feet with an embedded 6-32 machine screw. These feet have a 0.4375 inch diameter and have a 0.25 inch screw length. The embedded screw provides a sleek appearance. These are great feet and can also be used as bumpers.
P-H9310-A Foot - Rubber, 1" x .56", with Steel Washer
High quality small rubber feet with steel washer inserts. These feet are made of a durable rubber. The diameter is 1” and the height is .56”.
package of 4
P-L35X LED - 5mm diameter, diffused lens, 5 mCd
Colors Available:
5mm (T-1 ¾) diffused LED’s. Great for use in pedal builds and other applications where a tinted and diffused indicator is needed. Multiple colors available.
  • 5mm size
  • Tinted and diffused
  • Multiple colors available
  • Package of 5
package of 5
P-L600-X LED - 3mm, Water Clear, High Brightness, Package of 5
Colors Available:
High brightness 3mm LED. Great for use in pedal builds and other applications where a bold, bright, indicator is needed. Multiple colors available.
  • 3mm size
  • Water clear
  • High brightness
  • Multiple colors available
  • Package of 5
Starting at $1.35
package of 5
P-H316X Handle - Ampeg Style, White Stitching
Colors Available:
Vintage Ampeg style amp handle with white stitching. Multiple color options available. See S-H105 for compatible screws and T-nuts.
Starting at $12.95
P-H332-X Handle - Fender, Vinyl, Silver Caps, 1 screw per cap
Colors Available:
Pure Vintage Amplifier Handle (1-screw mount). Vintage style amplifier handle with vinyl sleeve over steel strap and one-screw mounting nickel-plated end caps. Includes mounting hardware (two screws and T-nuts)
Starting at $9.45
S-H220 Fuse Holder - 3AG-Type, Low Profile, Slotted, Spade Lug
Panel mount 3AG fuse holder with spade lug connectors. This fuse holder features a low profile slotted cap and reduced overall height. It is a similar style to fuse holders used on many vintage Marshall amps. Mounting nut and rubber washer included.
P-H328X Handle - Fender style, Dogbone shape
Colors Available:
Retro fit for Fender, Molded dogbone style. 6" center to center. Replacement for Fender: 099-0946-000. For handle mounting hardware, see part number S-H105.
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