Amplifier Parts

R-VOP1020 Switch - Vibrato LDR, for Fender® Amps
Optocoupler. Vibrato LDR for Fender Amps. Fix the dead LDR-style tremolo on your vintage Fender amps as well as others.
  • Non-polarized optical side is indicated by silver dot and slightly longer leads
  • Resistive side is indicated only by slightly shorter leads
  • This neon lamp optocoupler is commonly referred to as a roach
S-HEYE-B Eyelets - Plated Brass, Small, .089” x .125” x .150”
Tin plated brass eyelets commonly used on vintage style pickups. The small sized eyelets are also great for smaller point-to-point projects such as DIY stomp boxes. The outside diameter of the barrel is 0.089” and the recommended mounting hole is 0.093” using a #42 drill bit.
package of 10
P-CVR-XN Covers - for Chassis Holes, Nickel-plated Steel
High quality chassis hole covers for a wide variety of hole sizes. These covers use tapered tabs that easily snap into the hole to securely hold the cover in place. If a more permanent solution is required, the metal tabs can be bent outward after installing to secure the hole cover to the chassis. These nickel plated covers are a great way to modify an existing chassis or cover up mistakes. This list shows some common hole sizes for a variety of parts used on amplifiers, pedals and other equipment.
Starting at $0.95
P-47 Dial Lamp - #47, T-3-¼, 6.3V, 0.15A, Bayonet Base
Long life general replacement lamps for dials, indicators, etc. The #47 bulb is the most common replacement light used today. Used on the vast majority of Fender amps and many others as well.
package of 10
P-2080-X Corner - Leather, Mesa Style for cabinets
Colors Available:
Leather corners for cabinets similar to those used on Mesa amps. The corners attach to amps with wood tacks (sold separately).
  • 2.25” Length
  • 1.55” Width
S-HLWX-B Washer - Internal Tooth Lock, Steel, Black Oxide
Black oxide finished steel lock washers that use internal teeth for locking and tension. The internal teeth dig into the screw head or nut while the smooth outside edge won't snag objects. These washers provide greater vibration resistance than split lock washers. Black oxide lock washers like these can be found in vintage Marshall amplifiers. Pairs nicely with S-HSB4-X, S-HSB6-X, and S-HSB8-12 screws and S-HBNX nuts.
Starting at $0.39
package of 5
P-H9400 Foot - Rubber, .875" x .53", with Metal Washer
7/8" diameter x 17/32" high with metal washer. Sold individually.
P-L130-RED Jewel - Fluted Dome Style, for lamps / bulbs, Red
Fluted dome style lamp jewels were used on vintage equipment from many manufacturers. This jewel fits the standard P-L124-P pilot light found on most Fender amps as well as the P-L110. Threading: 9/16 - 27
P-H1097 Corner - Black steel, 2-Hole, 18 Gauge, Notched
2-leg notched, black, wraparound. 18 gauge steel, ½" radius. Sold individually.
P-H1082N Corner - Steel, 2-Hole, 18 Gauge, Nickel
Use where total material thickness is 1/2" or more. Works on carpet or vinyl, 18 gauge steel, 1/2" radius. Radius is.50" from the center hole to furthermost edge. Sold individually. See S-H101 for mounting hardware.
F-ZGMD-S Fuse - Slow-Blow, 250V, Miniature, GMD-type 5mm x 20mm
Protect your expensive investment or hobby with inexpensive fuses. Time-delay, low breaking capacity. Rated at 250V. Package of 5
package of 5
P-HFIBER-A Fiberboard - Vulcanized, 3" x 15", .062" Thick
Vulcanized Fiberboard, used for laying out circuits using eyelets such as S-HEYE-A and our staking tool S-T1715.
  • .062" thick
  • 3" x 15"
P-L14-6 Indicator Light - Marshall, Red Square, 6V
Indicator light, square. 6 Volts. Measures: 0.44" Length x 0.44" Width x 0.27" Depth
Out of Stock
P-L710-X LED Lens - Fresnel, Polycarbonate, 5mm
Colors Available:
Panel mount led lenses made of high quality polycarbonate. These lenses provide a clean semi-flush appearance with a small panel footprint and work well in any project using LED indicators. Features:
  • ¼” mounting hole
  • For panel thicknesses of 1/16” to ⅛”
  • Fresnel lens
  • Low Profile

For a version that fits 3mm LEDs, see P-L310-X.
Starting at $0.59
P-H282A-X Handle Mount - for slotted Strap Handles
Colors Available:
Tweed style hand mounting bracket hardware for P-H262, P-H263, P-H315, and P-H282 amp handles. Sold individually. Screws not included. Multiple color options available.
P-H248-P Screw - 8-32, #12 Reverse Thread, Speaker Baffle Mount
High-quality 8/32 machine screws with #12 reverse wood screw threading at the head. These screws are a simple solution for mounting speakers to baffle boards and were commonly used on many vintage amplifiers. Nuts sold separately.
package of 4
P-H261X Handle - Fender or Peavey Style, Black strap with metal caps
Cap Colors Available:
Replacement handle for Fender®, Peavey®, and other amps (8.25" from mounting center to mounter center). The rubber handle is steel reinforced with steel straight end caps. Mounting hardware sold separately.
See P-H261B for angular end caps.
Starting at $3.19
P-H9700 Foot - Rubber, 1.5" diameter x 1" tall, with metal washer
Rubber foot measuring 1 ½" diameter X 1" height with metal washer.
P-H1084N Corner - Steel, 2-Hole, 18 Gauge, ¾" Thickness
Steel, 2-Hole corner. Replacement for Fender® Corner wraps around inside edge of cabinet. See S-H101 for mounting hardware.
  • Works on ¾" of wood + material thickness
  • 18 gauge steel
  • 12mm / ½" radius
  • For Fender®
  • Sold individually.
P-L200 LED Bezel - for 3mm LED, used for mounting
Holder for mounting LEDs to panels.
P-H295-GC Handle Cap - Marshall Style, for Vintage Handle
Gold cap for vintage handle as used on Marshall JCM800 and others. Sold individually. Fits handle P-H295 and inner clamp P-H295-CMP.
P-H295-CMP Handle Inner Clamp - for Marshall Old Style Handle
Old style inner clamp. Sold individually. Screws not included
P-H264-NUT Nut - 8-32, Keps with external tooth, zinc
Nut - Keps with external tooth, Zinc, fits screws for chassis straps, 8-32 X 3 1/4, package of 10. Popular low-cost lock nut for commercial and industrial applications. Locking action is achieved when the nut is tightened against a bearing surface as the teeth of the lock washer dig into it.
package of 10
P-H239 Foot - Chrome Glides, ~\frac{15}{16}~" diameter
Chrome glides in package of 4. Diameter: 15/16" Includes 7/8" wood screws
package of 4
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