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Hartley Peavey founded Peavey Electronics, one of the world's largest manufacturers and suppliers of musical and professional audio equipment, in 1965, having built his first amplifier in 1957.
P-H285X Handle - Case, Fender Style
Colors Available:
For Fender and other cases. 4 1/2" center to center. Multiple color options available.Mounting screws and rivets not included.
Starting at $4.25
P-L1XX Jewel - Fender Style, for lamps / bulbs
Colors Available:
Fender® style lamp jewels are used on countless amps from all kinds of manufacturers. In multiple colors, you can customize as you see fit. Threading: 9/16 - 24 Note: When back-lit, the color of the amp jewels will be affected by the color of the bulb behind it.
Starting at $2.89
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Originally: $2.89
P-H261X Handle - Fender Style, Black strap with metal caps
Cap Colors Available:
Replacement handle for Fender® and other amps (8.25" from mounting center to mounter center).
Starting at $2.50
P-L124-P Lamp - Fender Style, Premium Pilot Assembly
Lamp holder. Relampable front panel indicators accept a variety of T-2 and T-3 ¼ miniature bayonet lamps.
  • 11/16" chassis hole
  • Total Length = 1.755" (solder lugs included in measurement) (extends about 1.68" from front of panel to end of solder lugs)
  • Rating: 125V, 75W
  • Threading: 9/16 - 24

Available Jewels Amber P-L117 Blue P-L120 Clear P-L122 Green P-L116 Purple P-L121 Red P-L115 Violet P-L121V White P-L123
S-H203 Fuse Holder Cap - Peavey
Peavey cap for fuse holder. 1 1/16" length x 3/8" diameter. Top slotted for flat head screwdriver.
P-H262 Handle - Fender Style, Brown, Strap
Replacement handle for tweed style Fender® amps (6.375" from mounting center to mounter center)
P-H9300 Foot - Peavey, Rubber, 1-½", with mounting screws
Sold by the package of 4
Rubber feet. Package of 4. 1 ½" diameter x ¾" high. Mounting screws included.
P-L_ALL Jewel - Fender Style, Set of 8
Package of 8
    P-H301X Handle - Peavey, Black Strap with Metal End Caps
    Cap Colors Available:
    Strap, black with metal caps. Center to center mounting is 8.25".
    Starting at $5.25
    P-H263 Handle - Fender® Style, Strap
    Colors Available:
    High quality replacement handle for vintage Fender amps. Will work on other amps as well. Mounts and screws not included (see P-H282A and S-H105). Center to center measurement is 6-½".
    P-H9310 Feet - Peavey, small rubber, 1" x ⅝"
    Package of 4
    Peavey, small rubber feet. 1" diameter x 5/8" height. (Package of 4, includes 4 mounting screws).
    P-H1095 Corner - Peavey, Black Steel, 2-Hole, Lip
    Black metal, 2 hole with lip, radius ½". Sold individually.
    P-HW10 Caster - Peavey, Pop Out Swivel set
    Package of 4
    Peavey Pop Out Swivel Caster Set
    • Allows you to remove wheels when necessary
    • Four recessed mounting brackets, four ball-bearing swivel wheels and twelve black anodized Phillips wood screws are included
    • Caster has maximum load capacity of 80 lbs
    • Clam shell packaging
    • Weight Unpacked: 2.07 lb(0.94 kg)
    • Weight Packed: 2.19 lb(0.993 kg)
    • Width Packed: 5.875"(14.9225 cm)
    • Height Packed: 9"(22.86 cm)
    • Depth Packed: 2.875"(7.3025 cm)
    P-H328X Handle - Fender Style, Dogbone
    Colors Available:
    Retro fit for Fender, Molded dogbone style. 6" center to center. Replacement for Fender: 099-0946-000.
    For handle mounting hardware, see part number S-H105.
    P-H251 Foot - Peavey, Metal Glide, 1.56" x 0.46"
    Package of 4
    Peavey metal glide feet, set of four with mounting screws included. Allows movement of heavy cabinets along the floor without damaging the cabinet. Rubber inserts cushion the load during transport. 1.56" diameter x 0.46" height (with rubber insert).
    P-HSG0X-PV Speaker Grill - Peavey, with mounting hardware
    Peavey Grill Kit (for speaker cone and dust cap protection)
    • Manufactured from 1.2mm steel
    • Matte black powder coated paint finish
    • Surrounded with rubber trim insulator to reduce rattle
    • Four 90 degree mounting brackets and 1/4-20 hardware included
    Starting at $12.95
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