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Vacuum Tube - 6L6GC STR, Tung-Sol Reissue

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Vacuum Tube - 6L6GC STR, Tung-Sol Reissue image 1Vacuum Tube - 6L6GC STR, Tung-Sol Reissue image 2
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Tung Sol 6L6GC “STR” beam-power tetrode tube. Made in Russia. The Tung-Sol legacy continues with the introduction of the new 6L6GC STR. The ultimate in musical tone and smooth overdrive, the STR delivers the sound that established Tung-Sol as the benchmark of quality. Built to the same “Special Tube Request” specs of leading amplifier manufacturers of the 1960s, the 6L6GC STR is a rugged and reliable power tube for use in the most demanding guitar amplifier circuits.

Apex Tube Matching
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OptionOur Part NumberUPC/EAN
Apex Matched PairT-6L6GC-STR-TMP609722129558
Apex Matched QuadT-6L6GC-STR-TMQ609722129565

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Product Reviews

4.80 out of 5 based on 5 reviews

Great matched tubes. Puts new life into my amp. Very very fast shipping. Thanks Amplifiedparts!

jaimiemac - March 28th, 2018

Very nice sounding tube in my super reverb. Only reason gave them a 4 is one tube drifted quite a bit after about 3 months. Sent them back and Amplified Parts replace right away, even though it was couple days after 90 day warranty. I was extremely impressed by their customer service and will buy tubes thru them again for sure.

mikew - November 11th, 2015

It is a good tube,but it does not have as much power as a regular 6L6GC... Also the amp you use it in makes a huge difference..In my 63 Bandmaster I need to turn it up more to get the same volume as a JJ or any other "new"6L6GC tube..If you use GE 6l6gc then you know what I mean...It is a very good tube,well made...It just doesn't have as much headroom..Just to let you know....

bobtec - June 2nd, 2015

Replaced some mid 80's Jan-Philips 6L6WGB's with these Tung Sol 6L6str's...very comparable as far as sound. I'm very satisfied. Hopefully they last as long...been running the Jan's for 10 years.

mikewiebs80mail.com - May 23rd, 2015

There's a number of things to really like about this tube... I can see it as a Go-To for amps that have their 6L6's hanging down.

The short bottle has the Micas braced in a way that not only prevents side to side movement, but up and down...

There's plenty of power in this tube... the sound is strong and articulate. I think my hopes have come to be.... A tube that has the durability of a Sovtek 5881WXT, with a rich sound.

Bill from Cleveland - October 9th, 2014

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