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12AX7 - Tung-Sol

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Russian made reissue of the original Tung-Sol. The Ultimate 12AX7. Big, warm, and musical. High Gain, ultra-low microphonics, and superb linearity with a dynamic 3-D sound.

Available with gold pins.

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Product Reviews

4.75 out of 5 based on 12 reviews



Bought a few of these and love them but unfortunately they have developed bad rattle to them. Switched them out with some good ol' JJ 12AX7 and rattle disappeared. Maybe just a couple bad apples in the batch but think I'm going to stick with the JJs.

Mikew80 - January 19th, 2017

Installed these tubes in blues jr Iii along with cannibus Rex speaker. It has increased headroom better dynamics and got rid of thin brittle highs. Everyone I play with noticed right away and could not believe the difference. Will do same mods to my USA bjr and run them both with Aby box.been chasing tone for a long time and finally got what I wanted.

Cadillac cary - September 2nd, 2015

I really like these tubes... I like these as a high gain 12AX7.... they are big and loud when played, yet nice and quiet at idle. Comparing a few things, the China 12AX7's have the gain, but with an annoying hiss added.... The JJ short plate is quiet at idle, but not as much gain. If I'm going for strong gain, I pick the TungSol... if I want modest gain, I pick the JJ. I really hate amps that don't shush when they aren't being played...

Bill from Cleveland - October 9th, 2014

I replaced my JJ's with these in my Bugera 1960 Infinium and wow what a difference. I also put in tungsol kt66's which i also love. I decided on the full tungsol set after chatting with the online support. I highly recommend these tubes and talking with their support.

guardsman79 - June 3rd, 2014

I replaced a set of jjs with these in a fender champion 600 (reissue) and man, what a difference! much smoother than jjs. I found the jjs so crunchy that they came off as harsh. the tung-sols are a great alternative that I'm probably going to stick with!

plus amplifiedparts.com has always been great to deal with!

baditude83 - February 15th, 2014

I used the Tungsol to replace the stock GT tubes in the preamp section. What a difference! These are much quieter. I lost the hiss tube noise.The clarity is better and tone more balanced. Not as harsh as the GT's Also not as bright yet still plenty bright. The amp sound much better. Note. I replaced three tubes: the V1 normal, theV2 vibrato and the V4 Reverb recovery/ half gain stage for vibrato channel.

- May 4th, 2012

Got a Bogner Alchemist amp head and it was lacking something in the sound decided to put these babys in for preamp 5 straight across and lets just say I completed the task with 6L6,s in the power section and let me tell you night and day sound Im totally sold on them my amp took on a whole new sound its butter.....Dave

- September 2nd, 2011

I've replaced a Chinese 12AX7 with this.
-Becoming quiet actually. It does NOT mean no noise, but feel like divided sounds from noises so each tone is more clearly.
-Getting smooth and depth in both low and high ends. With rich musical tone in CLEAN sound, I've fun to "roll-off" control with volume and tone knobs.

So, this tube would make me a touch sensitive player. RIP Cornell Dupree...

blues_society - May 17th, 2011

This is a good 12ax7. I found when comparing it to the JJ12ax7/Ecc83 it didn't push as hard. The JJ seems to be pure power, the TungSol does not. I think the TungSol is more musical and more tonally balanced overall than the JJ, better for cleans but not for overdrive especially when using the Tungsol with a 6l6.

truthitcom.net - December 4th, 2010

If it is in one of MY personal amps it is usually NOS USA, UK, Germany, Holland, Japan, etc. This new production tube is my personal favorite of all the current production ECC83s. The Ehx is OK, but quality varies, and the same is true for JJ. I not only test these in guitar amps and tube audio, but run them on either a Western Electric KS 15750, or Trippplet 3444 tube tester(s) with mA meters on the grid, cathode, and plate, and if I feel like real torture I will fire up a Tektronix 570 curve tracer. These not only sound nice, but matching them is easier than with a lot of new production tubes. These I use in many of my custom built amps clones and vintage amps. With Fender amps I usually use these exclusively. This is when I am not using real RCA, GE or Sylvania NOS tubes. I may substitute a 7025 NOS for the front end. In Marshall amps I will usually use these in everything, but the PI. That I will stick a select Ehx into that spot. New Sensor really did a great job with their "Tungsol" reissue tubes. Their 5881 is a favorite of mine too, but it won't replace the real deal JAN USA 5881. Sound is subjective, but putting a tube on $10K of test equipment is not. These do very well in both arenas. These are not great hi fi tubes, but are very nice for guitar, and bass.

Seth - September 26th, 2010


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