Pedal Layouts & Build Guides

Below, you can find a list of our pedal build projects, with layout drawings for eyelet board, turretboard, and stripboard builds of classic effects. We carry everything you would need to build these pedals, and we have included a bill of materials for each build with an easy option to add everything to your cart. Keep in mind there are a variety of options that can be used to build these effects, and feel free to experiment with different boards, transistors, and other components.

We carry a variety of stripboard, turret board, and eyelet board in various layouts and spacings to accomodate various build types and sizes. We also carry blank FR4 boards and fiberboard, eyelets and turrets, and staking tools for installation if you would prefer to make your own layout.

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Dinosaural Tubebender

Designed by Dan Coggins of Lovetone, the Dinosaural Tubebender was intended to be a tonal hybrid of a Tonebender and a Tube Screamer. It is a fairly unique 4-transistor circuit that leans more towards distortion than fuzz. Dinosaural claimed the pedal as being capable of creating "valve-like (tube) distortion without a valve amp".

Fuzz Face / Rangemaster (Eyelet Board)

A pedal project build featuring a Fuzz Face / Rangemaster on eyelet board. This dual pedal is a combination of the classic Dallas-Arbiter Fuzz Face and the Dallas Rangemaster (treble boost).

Are you looking for a turret board layout for an effect you do not see here? contact us with your suggestions, and we will take them into consideration for a future build project.