Reporting question for Antenna Coil - for Tube Radios

Antenna Coil - for Tube Radios

I am repairing a RCA Victor 9T radio from 1936 that belonged to my grandfather. It is already repaired with many sacrifices, only the AM is heard. The only device that we could not locate is the antenna coil: Stock No. 12879 with description Coil - Antenna Coil and shield XABC bands (L2, L3, L4, L5, L6). The frequency ranges are: Long wave (X) 150-410 kc. Standard Broadcast (A) 530-1800 kc. Medium Wave (B) 1800-6400 kc. Short Wave (C) 6400-23,000 kc. Ultra Short Wave (D) 23,000-60,000 kc. What do you suggest me do to locate or replace this antenna coil so we can hear the shortwave? Thank you