Reporting question for Grill Cloth - Tan / Brown Wheat, 34" Wide

Grill Cloth - Tan / Brown Wheat, 34" Wide

Hello, Which are the measures (width and length) of the pieces you sell? I am restoring a Philips BE-752-A Radio from 1955 and I need to replace the cloth. Although I am looking for the same original cloth it is impossible. This cloth you sell seems to be very similar. The piece I need should be 60x30 cm (maybe a bit less could be enough) By the way, how much would it cost to send it to Spain? Thank you in advance. Kind regards.

All of our grill cloth is sold by the running yard. One yard is 34"x 36". Two yards will be 34" x 72", etc. Simply place your items into your shopping cart and checkout. In the beginning stages of the checkout process, you will need to put in your Billing/Shipping information. Below will be a shipping calculator button that will give you multiple shipping options to your country.