Reporting question for Tolex - Marshall, Black Elephant, 52.5" Wide

Tolex - Marshall, Black Elephant, 52.5" Wide

I'm using this for a new back panel I'm making for my 1983 JCM800 4010 combo. Is this the correct tolex match? Also, I need 12 screws and the 'cupped' washers that match the originals. Do you also have those? Thanks, Steve

It is likely that this is the material you would need for your project, but when it comes to questions about the patterns and colors of these materials, we always advise ordering a sample (S-GSAMPLE) before making the full order, as tolex can not be returned once cut. It would not appear that we carry the screws and washers as a regular stock item, but we can special order Marshall parts. If you reach out to us at we can discuss getting those special ordered from Marshall.