Reporting question for Capacitor - Orange Drop, 100V, Polyester

Capacitor - Orange Drop, 100V, Polyester

I have an Aria Acoustic /electric guitar, with a passive piezo under saddle, 1 volume & 1 tone knob, and a 147K cap on the tone knob. Q #1) Is the 147k value the same as .047uf cap? Q #2) with the passive piezo being VERY bright, what cap value / mod would you recommend to "tame" the piezo. Using a Bags DI in the signal chain helps, and makes the tone pot very usable.

Without looking at the cap we are not 100% sure what you have. A 474K would designate a .47uf orange drop cap and a 473K would be a .047uf. To answer your second question, the higher the cap value the more high end it will roll off. For example, a .1uf cap will roll off the most highs while a .001uf will roll of the least highs. You can send us an email with a picture of your cap at: so we can try to identify your current cap.