Reporting question for Capacitor - SoZo, 500V, NexGen Blue Molded Vintage

Capacitor - SoZo, 500V, NexGen Blue Molded Vintage

Can you put together a kit for my 67' DLX Reverb...I want to replace the molded blue caps and tube grid resistors

Technical data for caps does not always tell the end result whole story when tone is what we want. I've been using these Sozos for about 10 years in harmonica based builds. The low end dynamics tighten up significantly with nice fat flab. I recently modded a friends useless ringy n screechy very very RARE Pignose G60VR single 12" combo and replaced every cap, except the power filter section, with Blue Molded .047s in the preamp section and one yellow. 023 in the treble and a silver mica, and .1uFs Blues in the output section...changed all the tubes too. I also rewired the spaghetti plate so wires aren't creating inductance interference. Put a Weber12A125-0 and dialed back the output some. What a freaking tone monster that 30lb amp is now. Big fat punchy lows with smooth highs.