Reporting question for Tilt Back Leg Kit - Fender

Tilt Back Leg Kit - Fender

Does the kit include installation instructions (with measurements to drill holes, etc.)?

iN REGARD TO THE TILT BACK LEGS, WHEN YOU HAVE NO HARD WARE FOR THEM MEANING THE NUTS AND THE WASHERS AND NUTS YOU WILL FIND THEM AT HARD WARE SHOPS OR ON LINE NOW THE TWO STOPS AS YOU REFERRED TO THEM AS ShowI have all the pieces of the kit except the ear type pieces that kinda look like large strap buttons for guitar, that the legs actually rest on when leaned back. Can I purchase 2 of those separately? you can use the string tree off a fender bass they look identical but I can't remember if the hole was the same size but that would not matter as you would just drill the correct size hole anyway study one of the pictures to see how many washers you need to go with them cheers terry