Reporting question for Speaker - Jensen® Jets, 12", Blackbird, 100W

Speaker - Jensen® Jets, 12", Blackbird, 100W

I’m a builder of handmade custom guitars and basses, with about 30 years experience of working on not only instruments but amps as well. I’d like to try my hand at building a handmade custom guitar amplifier (a 2 x 12 combo). I was always a proponent of having a 2 x 2 set up in n my 4 x 12 cabs (2 different speakers loaded diagonally opposite from each other, matching wattage and ohms). Would this be adviseable in a combo to, four instance: loading a 12 inch 100W 8 ohm Blackbird and loading next to it a 12 has nch 100W 8 ohm Raptor?