Reporting question for Speaker - Jensen® Jets, 12", Electric Lightning, 70W

Speaker - Jensen® Jets, 12", Electric Lightning, 70W

Can i install this in my Marshall code amp? stock 50 watt 4 ohm speaker to Jensen 4 ohm 70 watt speaker, some store reps says yes but others so no.

OOPS! Disregard the previous answer from "staff member" Matt. It is wrong. Listen up Matt and Anonymous. Two 8 ohm speakers wired in series will give you a 16 ohm load (NOT 4 ohm). Wire them in parallel and you WILL get a 4 ohm load. That's good. However, if you have room for only one speaker it doesn't help. You can have a higher ohm load on your amp and it won't hurt a thing. NEVER go with LESS than your rated speaker load or you'll cook your amp. So...yep you can put an 8 ohm speaker in it. It just won't be as loud as a 4 ohm speaker. The load actually fluctuates with the frequencies that hit the speaker. Low frequencies create more resistance than high frequencies in the speaker. a DC ohm reading with a meter of an 8 ohm speaker will usually be around 6 ohms. Good luck Anonymous. The Electric Lightnings are awesome by the way.